Why cant I format or partition my external hdd??

  Khaled_Rohman 17:01 20 Jan 2015

i have a 500gb externet hdd... some days before it started to become raw..... so i formatted it and tried to partition it in several partitions...... but i failed and now it not even formatting nor making a single partition..... i tried disk management and a third party software but both in vain..... below i have given the pics what happening..... plz quickly help me

  Khaled_Rohman 17:17 20 Jan 2015

click here here you see it doesnt have any partition nor any format option and i cant even change its partition setting

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 20 Jan 2015

Those pictures are so small they are unreadable, pleas repost larger screen shots.

Can you run chkdsk on the drive?

  rdave13 17:41 20 Jan 2015

Fruit Bat /\0/\ , click on the image to expand.

  Khaled_Rohman 18:11 20 Jan 2015

no i cant chkdsk it fails.... and yes click on the pics to expand

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:24 20 Jan 2015

Have a read here

  Khaled_Rohman 20:45 20 Jan 2015

i already tried this method but chkdsk says cant check raw drives and when i schedule check and restart my pc windows cant find my external hdd and skips the check.

  BRYNIT 21:25 20 Jan 2015

What make of Hard drive?

Have you been to the Hard drive manufacturer web site to see if they supply a program that will check the Hard drive?

What third party partition program have you tried?

You could try and clean/format the drive via Command Prompt CLICK HERE

1]: [click here

  Khaled_Rohman 10:09 21 Jan 2015

its a seagate externel hdd brand samsung.........i have downloaded a app to check and fix my hdd from seagate website but it didnt help........ i used easeus partition manager aswell...... command prompt cant clean/ format it says raw drive data cyclic error...... i will try the diskpart and let u know

  Khaled_Rohman 10:21 21 Jan 2015

diskpart has encountered an error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

everything i am trying is saying the same error....... i have checked the disk surface and its showing a lot of bad sectors but there is also many good sectors...... i dont find a way to make windows ignore those bad sectors an repartition..... also i am hearing a low glittering noise from the hdd which i dont think it made before

  Khaled_Rohman 10:39 21 Jan 2015

i have tried to use this hdd internally and partitioning it from a windows 7 installation disk to use it as my primary hdd as i heard using hdd externally can cause drive to go raw anytimes....... but its not booting windows installation and only showing ''1234F'' in boot screen........ is my hdd fully corrupted??? cant i run it with the good sectors left in it!!! i need it running no matter 10gb/20gb of it is corrupt.... 400 of 465 gb will do for me..... i want to bypass the corrupt sectorts and use the left good sectors

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