Why can't I find an AMD palomino XP2000 cpu to buy

  Dorsai 20:14 07 Jun 2004

I want to upgrade my CPU. The fasted CPU my MOBO will support is an AMD XP2000 Palomino. A throughobred will not do, at all. Wrong core voltage.

Have tried all types of searches, including by AMD's OPN. One site came up, but then had t'breds on sale. E-bay no help so far. Has one XP1800, and one XP200 more expensive than a new xp200 t'bred.

anyone know where i cam get a new one?

  stalion 20:21 07 Jun 2004

closest I can find is click here

  Totally-braindead 20:24 07 Jun 2004

10 companies that can supply it click here

  Dorsai 20:54 07 Jun 2004

cheers for the help, but,


Close, but xp1800 and in USA. Takes ages. fortune in shipping. Must add tax and import duty. If it never arives or is not what i orderd what degree of come back have i got?

Totally Draindead.

I agrre that the links on this site list palomino's, but the links are a bit old, so when you actually visit the site they now are selling t'Breds. The way to tell one from other is from AMD's own part number. A Palomino starts AX2000. t'breds AXDA2000 or AXDC2000.

This is the problem i have. All the links to palomino's are old, so when i get to the web site in question they now are selling t'breds.

  jakimo 21:06 07 Jun 2004

click here

Try asking your question here,there may be alternative solutions

  Mister Splendid 21:08 07 Jun 2004

Try Ebay. If you can't find one now, you soon will.

  Totally-braindead 21:09 07 Jun 2004

Found a 1900 on ebay if thats any use, sorry the links were no use. Any particular reason you want a palomino instead of a t'bred

  Totally-braindead 21:13 07 Jun 2004

Sorry just reread your post. How about upgrading the board and the cpu, you should be able to do it for less than £100, not much help I know. There is a 2000 palomino on ebay in germany but the persons only got a rating of one.

  Dorsai 21:38 07 Jun 2004


unfortunalty ther are no alternative solutions. My MOBO can only do 1.75volts to the CPU. Palomino's run at 1.75v. t'breds 1.6/1.5 or there abouts. depends on which t'bred you get.

Mister splended.

hope so, coz i want one.

Totally Braindead.

Yes, but i'm tight. why replace the lot when i can just replace one bit.

mind you, if i can't find cpu soon....

ps. have already bought a xp2000 t'bred, but can't use it. when visit amd's web site to find out what mobo to get to use it they list amd2000 8's, 8+'s, 6's, 6+'s, 10's, 10, with extra cheese and beans, blah blah blah. But if i try a search using their own part number to find which xp2000 i already have it comes up blank.

i have an xp2000, opn (ordering part number, thats amd's own part number) AXDA2000UT3C.

  Dorsai 21:39 07 Jun 2004

me mouse just died.......and dinner ready...

  keith-236785 21:48 07 Jun 2004

a AMD 1800Xp+ runs at 1.53 mhz, the palomino you are looking for runs at 1.67 mhz, not really a noticable difference. i run a AMD 1800+ and am happy with the speed.

as Totally-braindead says, buy a new mobo/processor to get a slightly better increase.

just be aware that even the 3200+ only runs at 2.2 ghz and in my humble opinion is not worth the extra money.

an XP2600 runs at 2.08 ghz @333FSB and is half the price of the 3200+

an asrock mobo, 2600+ cpu would cost you about £89 (£95 inc delivery) from click here


click here

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