Why can't another laptop connect to my network?

  Pineman100 14:40 04 Jun 2008

My wife's Vista Home Premium laptop and my XP Home SP2 desktop both connect wirelessly to the internet via a Belkin router. They are also wirelessly networked peer-to-peer.

At her own home, my daughter connects her Vista Home Premium laptop to the internet wirelessly via a BT Home Hub. As she's visiting us, I have been trying to get her laptop to connect to the internet via our network, but I'm having trouble.

When it's been asked for, I have entered the correct 128-bit WEP key into my daughter's computer.

The router is set to filter MAC addresses, and I have added the MAC address of my daughter's wireless adaptor to the Allowed list. As this didn't work, I have also tried disabling MAC filtering.

Despite all this, her computer only ever reports "limited connectivity" to the network. This appears to mean that her computer can see the network (ie: it shows up in Windows Explorer) but it can't connect to the internet and it can't see or open any of the shared folders on my desktop hard drive.

Can anyone please tell me what I'm not doing, or doing wrong?

  L8-tian 16:10 04 Jun 2008

from the above statement, i have understood that your daughter lap top is not going online. but you are able to see your network name.after connecting to your network.. still not able to go online.

step 1: remove the preferred networks from the lap top and try connecting to your network.

the steps to remove preferred networks.
-->click on start.
-->go to control panel.
-->double click on network connection.
-->double click on network and sharing center.
-->On the left hand side of the screen select "Manage wireless networks"
-->In the below Screen all the Wireless N/Ws which are in range will be listed.
-->To delete the wireless N/Ws, select the Wireless N/Ws & click on Remove which will remove that particular N/W. This is the Preferred N/Ws in Win Vista
-->make sure prefeered network is blank and exit out from all the windows.
-->then click on start menu.
-->click on "connect to".
-->it will show up your network name.
-->connect to your network by entering wep key.
-->after it get connected.. check the ip address and default gateway of the lap top.
-->if ip address and default gateway is in the range of router.
-->surely you will be able go online.

  Pineman100 19:09 04 Jun 2008

If I remove the preferred network, will my daughter have problems re-connecting with her BT Home Hub, after she goes home?

  L8-tian 19:26 04 Jun 2008

there will not be any problem in re-connecting to BT home hub.since its wireless , it will picks up all the avilable wireless networks in the range.
so, your daughter can select bt home hub network from the list and connect to it.

  Pineman100 09:52 06 Jun 2008

Your solution worked!

I'm very grateful, thank you.

  L8-tian 14:41 10 Jun 2008

am glad that i have solved your concern.

Thank you :-)

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