why can I not send emails to this address?

  palinka 19:43 23 Sep 2009

I started a thread on this subject in April; then I found a work-around so ticked as resolved; now that work around option has gone & the problem remains:
I have a Pipex email address (unchanged for 5 years)my friend had an fsmail address (had had for years)& we could email each other without problems. In March this year she switched to a BTInternet email address. We immediately found that she could not receive mails from me, tho I could receive hers. After a while we settled for her writing to me via her BTInternet account, while I wrote to her at her fsmail address (that was the work-around that I referred to.) Now she has given up the fsmail account and I'm stuck - I can't email her at all;(Even a "Reply" email from me to one of hers does not arrive).Mine don't bounce back, they simply don't arrive - and yes, I've entered her address correctly. Everyone else to whom she writes can send emails to her without difficulty - it seems to be just me who has the problem.
Can anyone suggest a solution, please?
A further complication occurred yesterday - I sent her a test message (one of several)saying simply "test message, let me know if you receive it" and that bounced back........from Yahoo!!!!
How did they get in on the act? (Yes, I have a Yahoo address, which I use solely to log in to Freecycle). Yahoo's bounce message said "5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-'Message not allowed - UP Email not accepted for policy reasons. Please visit click here [120]'
and when I clicked that link it implied that the email in question contained either a virus or other malicious material.
I contacted Yahoo, pointing out that this was nonsense; and asking how they came to be involved in an email exchange between Pipex & BTInternet.
They have still not replied - yet.
Other info - my friend's OS is XP;mine is Vista.
She uses OE; I use Windows Mail - though my final test mesage was sent using webmail - to see if that made any difference (and perhaps it did; but the mail still didn't get through.)
Help, please.

  Technotiger 21:04 23 Sep 2009

Hi, BT.Internet and Yahoo are seemingly 'joined-at-the-hip' ..... I have a BT.Internet address which I never use, though BT do send me emails using that address, these mails always come via Yahoo, which I never normally use. For normal everyday use I have a hotmail-plus address and Incredimail. I never use OE. My OS is XP!

Perhaps a work-around of sorts would be to get your friend to become a registered PCA Forum member, you could then email her via her Yellow envelope??

  Woolwell 21:21 23 Sep 2009

When you reply to her e-mails has she checked her spam? It may well be in there. Similarly your e-mails may go there. If it bounces back then I suspect that you have an error in her e-mail address somewhere. Double and triple check it. I had someone who stated that they couldn't send to me. Turned out that they were adding a letter.

  interzone55 21:29 23 Sep 2009

Try another workaround

Set up a Googlemail account, you can set Googlemail to have a different "Reply To" address, so send mail from Google to your friend and any replies should pop up in your pipex account...

  palinka 10:57 24 Sep 2009

thank you all for these suggestions.
alan14: I'm trying out something similar using a Tiscali account that I've had since the year dot and use VERY occasionally; waiting to hear if she receives that. (drawback is that I have to use tiscali webmail; can't get it to pop up in Pipex as far as I know, so Googlemail could be the answer).
woolwell: I hadn't thought of that; I'll get her to check - sounds quite promising, especially as I email several other people at BTinternet addresses without problem.
Technotiger, thanks for the info re.BT & Yahoo; sounds as though that is the explanation for the source of the bounce message I received - though not for the message itself. The yellow envelope work-around is ingenious!

  palinka 09:00 27 Sep 2009

it's fixed! I suggested she checked her spam folder AND put my address in her friends list & that's done the trick. Thanks, Woolwell, for pointing me in that direction.
Because of this problem I'm checking on ALL the people in my contacts list who have btinternet addresses (only 16 out of 300+), particularly the 5 or so who don't seem to respond to emails that I send them, to see if they have the same problem.

  Technotiger 09:20 27 Sep 2009

Glad its sorted - thanks for your feedback.

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