Why BTYAhooemail wont answer the phone? an nupdate

  SANAP 13:56 07 Dec 2007

At last,after ringing a multitude of numbers I finally got a reason why I cant access my email account. There is a technical fault with BTYAHOO EMAIL but when one ties to access the words "account suspended" appears so of course we are all trying to get a PW reset and as they, BT, can't do a reset for a lot of people they are not answering the phone but still charging a premium rate.

Nice one.


  johnnyrocker 14:43 07 Dec 2007

i beleve charges apply only when answered? and a conversation is in progress?


  p;3 14:51 07 Dec 2007

this click here

is the web page sign in portal for BTYahoo; do you have problems entering it?

  p;3 14:58 07 Dec 2007

you have now two threads on the same problem

click here

to avoid confusion suggest you need to close one and continue on the other

  SarahPussycat 18:01 07 Dec 2007

I was experiencing the same problem last night and still have no joy.
They DO charge while you're hanging on the phone, they have a queue system in place and a recorded voice they keep playing that says "your call is important to us and is moving up the queue". Cost me £6 last night and still no joy!

Shall keep checking here or the other thread for any updates.

  p;3 18:04 07 Dec 2007

you have click here runnign as well

  p;3 18:08 07 Dec 2007

there is at present nowt wrong with this web portal for btyahoo e mail

click here

so what IS the problem folks are having ?

  SarahPussycat 18:51 07 Dec 2007

Well last night I went to check my mail - entered my password (definitely the right one!) and the box went yellow and I got an "invalid password" message.
I tried clicking on the "forgotten password" link and got a message saying "your account is suspended at the moment".

It seems to have happened to a lot of people - and getting through on the phone is impossible!

  beeuuem 19:04 07 Dec 2007

I have some BT Yahoo adresses and I get the same 'invalid password' for all of them.
On accessing the site directly it says I am logged in, on trying to get to the mail it requests password confirmation but won't accept the password.
Seems to be a commom problem.

  SANAP 19:11 07 Dec 2007

see my second post BTYAHOO email are having technical problems but whenw e try to log in in gives out the wrong message.

I am going to check periodically and see if it is back up and running. Has made me really think about how I use email. I am totally kn****er))d now and cant do anything.


  p;3 20:34 07 Dec 2007

if yu are being told your passwords are incorrect, how are you managing to get your emails downloaded from the site to your computer?

I am on BTYahoo and am so far experiencing no problems, hense my puzzlement with your problems

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