Why are Scart leads so unfriendly

  premier man 12:53 16 Jul 2006

Having just spent an hour or so hooking up TV,Sky digibox,dvd recorder and VCR and checking if OK you push TV back in position and lo and behold a scart comes loose,back out with TV and have another go.
So how do you guys deal with these thick and clumsy scart leads,???
Is there an alternative way?
Are the gold plated any good,or are they just a gimmick,
At the moment I am really hacked off with it,
Sorry Gordie

  spuds 13:31 16 Jul 2006

Are they unfriendly?.

They do say that the 'gold-plated' ones are far better, but I have never had a problems with the cheap versions. If the plug keeps slipping out, then a little 'tweaking' of the metal surround usually solves the problem.

  €dstowe 13:32 16 Jul 2006

Get these scart adapters. I did and they've been a godsend. I have both the £5-49 ones and the £7-49 with S-video.

Excellent value been using them at work and at home for ages now.

click here

  TOPCAT® 15:06 16 Jul 2006

electronic design people to come up with leads and sockets that have security fixings? If it's the norm for most computer hardware connections then why isn't it standard for TVs? This should have happened years ago in the industry.

I know how premier man feels because I've often been there myself! TC.

  GRFT 15:22 16 Jul 2006

I agree thst SCART connectors should be more secure, but I'v found that quality products such as those from IXOS are less likely to work loose than the £4.99 efforts from the supermarket shelves.

  wolfie3000 18:50 16 Jul 2006

OH dont get me started on scart leads,

I hate them there big clumsy and the way the lead comes out at 45 degrees annoys me no end.

  Forum Editor 19:08 16 Jul 2006

and I'll move it there now.

  premier man 11:43 17 Jul 2006

Thanks for your responses guys,I`m glad Im not the only one with this problem
That looks a good idea fitting the adapters,I shall be getting them,
I agree with Topcat,that surely manufacturers could come up with a better idea
Sorry FE, I thought it was more of a debatable

  Lettervanman 12:01 17 Jul 2006

I use the flat ribbon ones,they are O.K.

  Stuartli 12:12 17 Jul 2006

It was originally a French concept and is now so widespread in use that it would take quite some time to get all manufacturers to make a switch.

An auto Scart switching box would probably help (my best mate sells the Philex (Labgear and SX2 brands) model in his shop for about £14 or £15, which is much less than similar products at Argos etc.

Good quality gold plated Scart leads can make a big difference, especially on high tech equipment and modern LCD/plasma TVs.

  fazer 13:22 17 Jul 2006

Premier man

Going back to your original question about gold; theoretically yes, gold terminals are better for quality because gold is a better conductor. Its always recommended for audio leads in the HiFi world. Its relative though - unless you have a top-notch TV then the improvement may be indiscernable.

Take you point about the scarts - I always use those little stick-on tabs with a cable tie which I attach to the televison or such like. I find its usually the weight of the cable that causes it to fall out - especially the higher-end gold platted jobs!!

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