why are my pings so high on online games

  will123 19:21 31 Oct 2004

BT voyager 2100-2A 1mb BT broadband. I am a quest using a wireless network card.

I always have a high ping on online games even though my signal strength is always excellent. Is there any over programs that could be affecting this. The high ping lags the games and dis connects me. Even when no other P.Cs are running on the internet this still happens. How do i resolve this problem plz help


  Alex-188000 19:30 31 Oct 2004

Your ping isnt always dependable on your bandwidth, even though a higher bandwidth would usually have a lower ping. It also depends on your location in relation to the game servers location and also like you said if there are any other programs using your connection. Just before you are about to run your game use task manager and click on Networking. Your network utilization should be very low, if not then you have other programs using your bandwidth. I would check your processes and applications tab to see if you can end some programs that are using it up. BUT BECAREFUL NOT TO CLOSE TO MANY OR CLOSE ONES THAT ARE USED BY THE SYSTEM.
Hope this helps

  Dorsai 19:51 31 Oct 2004

And, perhaps, could the time taken for a reply to your PING be effected by how busy the ping'd system is? If it's run off it's feet, the reply will be slow, as it's trying to send data every-which-where, and so you have to wait a while, just like everyone else.

  will123 20:11 31 Oct 2004

i have windows 2000 how do i see what is using up my ping by going onto the task manager.

  Dorsai 20:16 31 Oct 2004

What i was trying to say was, perhaps noting is using up Your Ping, perhaps the reason it is slow, is that the system you are Ping'ing is slow to reply.

I can ask my boss a question at work, and he may say 'i will get beck to you later'. It's not my being slow to ask him, it is him being slow to reply.

  will123 20:18 31 Oct 2004

well it happens all the time on most games so i was thinking it was me

  will123 20:19 31 Oct 2004

is there anything else i can do

  Gaz 25 20:33 31 Oct 2004

according to cisco.

I would personally hardwire into your router.

  will123 20:35 31 Oct 2004

so do u recomend that i wire my network because that mite be possible

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