why are my computers not talking?

  StephenRogers 15:04 22 Sep 2006

So, ive got two computers connected via an ethernet cable in a LAN. the laptop can access the internet through the PC.

I've turned off the firewalls, enabled file sharing, so i guess i use the 'add network place' wizard?

On both computers I get as far as:
Entire Network - Microsoft Windows Network - 'Network Name' but surely I should be seeing computer names or summat next.

Help me please before i throw them both out of the window!


  irishrapter 17:24 22 Sep 2006

How are the computers connected? Direct with a Cross-over or via a router/switch?

Has each computer got ip addresses on the correct subnet?
Can the computers ping each other?
have they both got the same workgroup name?

  StephenRogers 17:52 22 Sep 2006

I've got a PC running XP home with an external USB broadband internet connection.

It's got 2 ethernet adapters, both of which are:
Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ether

I have disabled 1 to simplify things

The other is connected (local area connection)and is both sending and receiving packets

Connected to the PC via a crossover cable I have a laptop running XP home

It's got an Intel (R0 PRO/100 VE Network Connection which is sending and receiving packages

Currently network connections are showing that nothing is bridged.
i can access the internet on the laptop via the PC.

The connections on each computer have the same subnet masks, and different IP addresses

I've done some research and got an idea what ping is, but don't know how to ping

don't know about workgroup name - they have the same network name

  ade.h 17:59 22 Sep 2006
  Strawballs 18:12 22 Sep 2006

Run network wizard from control panel on both machines and make sure workgroup is the same on both.

  StephenRogers 18:15 22 Sep 2006

I've pinged the ip addresses of the LAN connections and realised that I've got a bit confused as to whether the ip addresses I'm pinging are destination or source, so:
How do I find the ip address of the pc?

  StephenRogers 18:18 22 Sep 2006

Thanks Strawballs - ran through the wizard to find out that the workgroup name is the same thing as the network name (which are the same on both computers)


  ade.h 18:45 22 Sep 2006

"...the workgroup name is the same thing as the network name."
In fact, it is not the same thing, but you are setting up a peer-to-peer network so you don't have a network name at all.

Run cmd and enter ipconfig /all.

  StephenRogers 22:13 24 Sep 2006

When I type ping (ip address) of the ethernet adapter (from running ipconfig /all)on the PC it times out

When I do the same on the laptop I get 100% reply

the pc is showing dhcp not enabled
the laptop is showing dhcp enabled
is this relevant?



  ade.h 22:39 24 Sep 2006

Yes, that's relevant. Run services.msc and see if the DHCP Client service is running on each PC. Start it and set it to automatic, then reboot both PCs and boot them up again, first with the host PC, then the client.

  StephenRogers 19:00 26 Sep 2006

ade.h - thanks for that

on the PC:
services was showing dhcp client server as started and as starting automatically, yet ipconfig /all show it as not enabled for the ethernet connection or the broadband connection (could this explain why I have had broadband connection problems recently?)

so i guess i need to know how to enable the dhcp server on the pc?

laptop is currently having a random tantrum, so will check the dhcp server on that later.


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