Why am I unable to delete a file...

  leooleo 11:51 20 Apr 2004

I'm trting to delete a file that I've downloaded through kazaa lite. It is meant to be a divx file, but I cannot access properties, play it or delete it, not even in safe mode. It is very strange and somewhat dodgy. I want it off my hard drive. Anybody, please help


  Ironman556 11:54 20 Apr 2004

try emptying the folder of all files you need to another folder. then delete te folder with the stuck file.

If you can't do that then run checkdisk will full options on, when you reboot you may be able to remove it.

  computernerdiamnot 14:16 20 Apr 2004

I had a file that was to do with a program for on-line gaming done everything poss and then i just went back to a restore point and that got rid of it just a thought if you create restore points.

  cycoze 22:06 20 Apr 2004
  NGE 22:52 20 Apr 2004

its usually explorer using it. I usually exit explorer with task manager loaded and also dos command and then delete it from dos.

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