Why am I getting email from ebay??

  mattyc_92 19:52 23 Apr 2005

Hi, I NEVER use ebay, nor have I gone on it's website on my system, but I am starting to get e-mail from "[email protected]" and I don't know how they got my e-mail address (haven't signed up for things that give/sell your e-mail addy to other companies....)

So my question is, how did they get my address.... I have also had e-mail from people saying that they want me to help them with some sort of business deal, but I haven't replied (just blocked the e-mail address) as I have never heard of them....

I am just blocking the addresses so it doesn't really bother me (but it is my personal address, so it is abit anoying)

Anyone else starting to get this???

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 19:55 23 Apr 2005

ever heard of SPAM

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 19:56 23 Apr 2005

and no befor some one says its not specaly prepared american meat

  p;3 20:07 23 Apr 2005

welcom to the meal-table:)

according to a report I read yesterday at least 98% of the billions of e mails sent each day are spam ; they clog up the works and many of then carry "infections";(

if you do not recognise the sender or are at all suspicious, chuck it straight out without opening it:)

  stalion 20:10 23 Apr 2005

it probably has not come from ebayknown sites are used in spam to fool you in to opening them.
bin it

  mattyc_92 20:13 23 Apr 2005

Thanks for that, but way ahead of you.... lol

Already blocked the address and deleted the e-mail.....

  Audeal 22:41 23 Apr 2005

Never open E-Mail if you don't know who it is from. You could be in trouble if you do.

  Number 7 22:52 23 Apr 2005

One of your mates that has your address, and uses Ebay, been hit with a virus?

  Totally-braindead 23:44 23 Apr 2005

As the others have said and you seem to realise its Spam. I wouldn't bother trying to work out how they've got your address it'll just screw your mind up as you'll probably never work it out, you've done the right thing deleted it and added the address to your blocked senders list. Theres not much else you can do other than report it if you wish.

  bibo1465 00:30 24 Apr 2005


I had the same thing,the message said i have to click on the link to update my account number.

Luckily because i am reading a lot of computer magazine,they warm the reader with (phishing).
if you click on the link you will get a trojan files,virus.

Sometimes the same thing i had a (phishing),from a web site look the same as my bank web site.I called my bank and told about the email i received, they said to me DO NOT click on the link,and asked me to forward the email to people how deal with this things.

So please be careful.A recpected company like those deosn't ask you about these information.

  Bagsey 09:07 24 Apr 2005

When you get these emails just read them carefully and you will most probably realise that they are usually written in such bad English that no Brit would send it. I get several each time I check for emails from someone trying to kid me that they are from one of our banks. Just use the delete key. I used to send these emails on to the banks but even they are loseing interest in them now.

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