ABI2GAIL 22:28 23 Dec 2006

Why might a computer work with a belkin adapter feeding off a router but not directly from the motorola modem. It is a fairly old computer?

  Strawballs 22:35 23 Dec 2006

That is a bit cryptic, is it ADSL (isp through phone line) and is the router a modem/router?

  ABI2GAIL 22:47 23 Dec 2006

I am on broadband and the router is connected to my modem. telewest. hope that helps, sorry not very techno

  Patr100 22:55 23 Dec 2006

You are likely to get more useful responses with a more descriptive thread title.

  ABI2GAIL 22:55 23 Dec 2006

what do u suggest I put?

  kev-a 23:00 23 Dec 2006

Belkin adaptor/router problems please help.

Belkin/Motorola Modem problems.

Something like these will enable forum helpers to quickly scan a thread heading and dive in if it looks like they can assist you..

  Kate B 23:05 23 Dec 2006

Presumably the Motorola modem is a USB one? USB modems are notoriously flaky because their drivers are poorly implemented. A router, on the other hand, requires no drivers, it deals directly with the PC without any further layer of software (the driver) that can potentially go wrong.

  namtas 23:07 23 Dec 2006

It may help us understand your problem and thereby help you if you were to explain the actual problem you are having, at the moment your question does not make sense.

  pac73 01:43 24 Dec 2006

Phone telewest on 151.Thats if your on a telewest phoneline.

  Meshuga 07:18 24 Dec 2006

ABI2, Why not put "Problem with Belkin adapter, at least that tells us what to expoect??

  Meshuga 07:22 24 Dec 2006

Sorry ratboyblues, posted before seeing your post.

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