Who's this on my DHCP client list?

  Pineman100 19:18 17 Jun 2008

My wife's laptop (Vista Home Premium) and my desktop (XP SP2 Home) both connect wirelessly to the internet through a Belkin router (and are networked with each other through the router, too).

I'm pretty ignorant about wireless networking, but today I was looking through the router's setting, and I looked at the DHCP Client list. To my surprise there appear to be three devices connected to the router.

Desktop (my computer)
DGD3NM2J (no idea!)
Laptop (my wife's computer)

I have MAC address filtering enabled, and the address of DGD3NM2J does not appear in the list of permitted addresses. So I'm puzzled to know what it is.

I'm probably hampered by the fact that I don't really know what the DHCP Client list is!

Can anyone help please?

  L8-tian 20:46 17 Jun 2008

Hi Pineman100

As i understand, In attached devices there are 3 devices connected.So you do not have any idea about the DGD3NM2J.

Before that I want to explain what is DHCP client list is..

Dhcp client means, The router assigns the ip address to the devices which are connected to it (wired or wireless).DHCP client is the devices that are getting IP address from the router.

I just want to know the wireless network on router is secured or not?

Waiting for reply.

Thank you.

  recap 21:12 17 Jun 2008

If you have a cable modem, in Windows XP: Open Control Panel Network Connections, right-click the network interface for the cable modem and select Properties, the DGD3NM2J maybe the MAC address of the cable modem?

  Pineman100 19:05 19 Jun 2008

L8-tian - yes my wireless network is secured 128-bit WEP.

recap - no, mine is an adsl router, not cable. However, you've given me a clue to something that I hadn't thought of. Could the third identity on the router's DHCP client list be the router itself? Is it the normal practice for the router to list itself?

  brundle 19:42 19 Jun 2008

MAC addresses are hex numbers, that's not hex. No, not normal practice for the router to list itself.
WEP is easily cracked, change to WPA or WPA2 with a reasonably long passphrase.

  Kemistri 01:15 20 Jun 2008

In Belkins (those that I have used at least), the DHCP list is accumulative, listing previous connections that are no longer active. No idea why. I have three old clients in mine right now.

So maybe this is a previous (and legitimate) client?

  Pineman100 11:42 20 Jun 2008

I think Kemistri has hit on the answer. The "rogue" DHCP entry is undoubtedly my daughter's computer - she logged into my network a couple of weeks ago.

However, I think I will follow brundle's advice and change my security to WPA2.

Many thanks for all contributions.

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