Whoops! I added TOO much extra RAM!!

  stoner 17:34 17 Apr 2003

OK so I am humble enough to admit in this very public forum that I cocked it up but is there any benevolent soul out there who can help me out of my self-imposed predicament?
I swapped 512MB of RAM in my desktop that originally came with 128MB.(SDRAM PC100 100MHz)
It worked fine for awhile but a week or so ago the motherboard (Micro-Star 6154) stopped responding, and putting two and two together and making 4, I calculate that the extra RAM (& better faster performance) put too much strain on the CPU and it overheated.
Is it beyond saving? And if it isn't what motherboard do I replace it with?
Don't be too harsh in your comments please!

  Tj_El 17:53 17 Apr 2003

Have you tried using the original stick(s) of RAM that were in previously just to make sure it's the motherboard and not a faulty stick of RAM?

I don't think too much RAM cooks your motherboard - if the motherboard can't handle it, you'll get an error on bootup. I may be wrong though....

  jimv7 18:16 17 Apr 2003

If your running win 98, the os will not recognise more than 384 of ram, you need a third party memory program manage memory.

XP will handle all you can throw at it.

  hssutton 19:24 17 Apr 2003

My Win 98se is running quite merrily with 512Mb ram, without any memory manager. Several weeks ago I was using 768Mb ( I had just changed from XP back to Win 98se) and had forgot all about the problems of too much ram, this did give me problems with ECDC 6 and with dial-up

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