skinny123 16:01 04 Aug 2006

I seem to have cleared something by accident.....yes i was clearing some rubbish from my recycle bin and have done something stupid by the looks of it.

I have a message when i start my computer "the feature you are trying to use is on a CD_ROM or other removable disk which is not available....

Insert Sonic Update Manager disc and click OK"

Everything seems to be working fine, but it will not let me cancell this message or turn off my computer(which has been on for three days now)

I have googled for that disk and downloaded, but the message persists....any help please

P.S. I have checked all the disks i own and none fit the discription, infact there is only one i don't know what it is.

  SANTOS7 16:17 04 Aug 2006

click here
follow thread it may help..

  FelixTCat 16:18 04 Aug 2006


Try the reset button to turn off you pc or, if all else fails, turn it off at the mains. Reboot and see if it restarts. Face it - it can't be worse than what you have now.

If there are problems on restart, boot up into Safe mode run msconfig and look for entries in the startup list that might relate to this problem and stop them. Then reboot.



  skinny123 00:43 08 Aug 2006

SANTOS7 nice one thanks, i think i have sorted it?

  terryf 01:17 08 Aug 2006


  skinny123 01:01 19 Aug 2006


I just followed SANTOS7's link and it seemed to work fine.......hope you work it out

  SG Atlantis® 09:42 19 Aug 2006


Bad advice to pull the plug on a system.

Bringing up task manager by ctrl alt del would have allowed the running processes to be killed and then shut the computer down properly.

  FelixTCat 12:46 19 Aug 2006

SG Atlantis®,

Please read the original post: "it will not let me cancell this message or turn off my computer(which has been on for three days now)"



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