whole cd mp3 playback problem

  gruffass 16:08 08 Mar 2008

Hi guys
What i'm trying to do is back up my cds and make mp3 discs. I can get maybe 10 cds on to 1 disc. Some are live concerts and i can copy those as 1 big mp3 file but not able to skip to next track, that i understand. I do have cue sheets. Soooo is it possible to make an mp3 disc of whole cd audio files and be able to skip to next track?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:15 08 Mar 2008
  gruffass 16:48 08 Mar 2008

thanks fruit bat, tried the program but i'm not after splitting it into the individual songs. If I do then I have the 2 second gap bewtween them which i don't want especially for live stuff.
I can copy as 1 big file but with no skip to next track. Am i asking for something that can't be done?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 08 Mar 2008

I use Nero wave editor to copy and save sections from a "full albumn" this does not put a space at the ends.

Is it your mp3 plaing siftware adding the "gaps"?

  dogbreath1 17:10 08 Mar 2008

You could rip your collection using a free piece of kit called Exact Audio Copy click here

EAC>EAC Options>Extraction Tab>Choose Option To 'Delete Leading & Trailing Silent Blocks'.

You can also use EAC to make .m3u playlist files and .cue sheets.

  gruffass 17:17 08 Mar 2008

What i do for whole live albums is use audiograbber to save it as 1 track. Then I can listen to it without any gaps. Lets say i've got 10 live cds and I'm trying to put those on 1 cd to playback in my cd player. I'll make 10 folders for each cd then rip then burn as a mp3 disc to playback on my cd player. If i rip as individual tracks i'll have 2 second gap.

dogbreath1, i'll have a look at that

  Jim_F 22:04 08 Mar 2008

I think you are asking if its possible to put track markers into an MP3 file - AFAIK this is not possible.

From my experience the delay you get between MP3 tracks is not always the same as I believe it is due to the encoder needing to fix the length of data it encodes (frames). To prove this edit an MP3 file save it and reload. Then look at the beginning and end of the file under high magnification-I can always see some silence at one end of the file. I've used Nero, Soundforge, HiSoft and Audacity editors - it seems to happen with all of them which suggests its an MP3 limitation.

The only solutions I've found are either to save whole concerts or split them at a quiet spot with fades on either side so that the glitches do not sound too bad.

  gruffass 07:16 09 Mar 2008

Thanks Jim. I didn't think it was possible as i'd trawled the web lookng for answers but as the guys here have helped me before on various issues this was the best place to ask.
Thanks guys

  dogbreath1 16:30 09 Mar 2008

There are a number of plugins for music players like Winamp that enable .cue files to create virtual play lists.

In short, it enables Winamp to jump between parts of single audio files based on the information contained in the .cue file.

So, yes, it definitely can be done.

click here
click here

Some other music players like foobar click here have .cue support built in as standard.

For information about creating .cue files and much more click here

  Jim_F 21:00 12 Mar 2008

Good point about the cue files - something I'd missed as I've been using hardware players.

It is possible to specify a 'nogap' option in the command line for the LAME encoder which effectively tweaks the split points to align with MP3 data frames and I'm guessing this is how EAC works.

The downside is:
1) It often sounds worse if a hardware player inserts its own gap between tracks or if you play the tracks out of order
2) You don't get to split the track exactly where you specify

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