Who needs passwords? NTL doesn't...

  brucio 06:58 31 May 2003

I'm on the pay-as-you-go system, because I don't use the internet very much. I opened an account with NTLworld, because it's a penny per minute at any time.

Their default password system is a letter followed by nine numbers. If any character is wrong, the Dialup Connection would come back with .."invalid password.." and not connect up.

So far, so good-everything is as it should be...

This week, my thirteen year old son discovered that ANY word would connect up to the internet.

I tried it, typing in four random letters instead of the normal password.

Bling! We're into the internet FASTER than doing it normally.

I went to the NTL website, and changed my password to something entirely different.

No effect-ANY word will connect up.

Since I've still got an account at Freeserve, I tried their number. I could not get connected unless I entered the correct password.

So it seems that only NTL lets anybody and everybody on without any passwords...

Has something gone wrong with my computer, or is the fault with NTL? I've emailed them twice, and naturally, I'm still waiting for a reply...

  Valvegrid 07:27 31 May 2003

OOOps, maybe you should have kept quite? :-D

  Valvegrid 07:29 31 May 2003

Just a thought, have you tried clearing you Temp Internet files and trying the same trick again?

  suzie005 07:42 31 May 2003

an email from nthell.you do expect miracles to happen don't you

  Andsome 08:13 31 May 2003

When I used NTL dial up before going broadband, the number entered had to be correct in every way.

  spargo 12:15 31 May 2003

I use NTL dialup and my password has to be correct for it to work.

  Valvegrid 12:42 31 May 2003

I just had a horrible thought, when you log off are you actually discontecting from the server and the connection is not running in the background? I noticed this years ago when I was on dial-up this could happen. You can soon check by lifting the phone up to see if you get the dial tone or computer hash.

  Andsome 07:50 01 Jun 2003

With dial up there should be two little green TV's in the bottom right hand corner, if these have gone you should be disconnected

  brucio 20:35 01 Jun 2003

Many thanks to all those who replied...

Yes, I've cleared out the Temp files...

Yes, I'm definitely dsiconnected when I log off...

Yes, the little monitor screens DO go off, and I can use the phone as normal...

I had a call from NTL today, to get my mobile number, so that this person could call that number, and talk me through a series of tests...

So we were on for about half an hour, conducting a whole load of dialup tests, using various different ways of getting through.

At the end, we established that not only do I NOT need a password, I also don't need a USER NAME!

I was able to get through without a user name and password!

This has got the boffins baffled. They're going to try through other sources (network services, authentication services etc) to try and work out what's going on. What makes it so puzzling, is that it only happens with the NTL number.

  Valvegrid 20:38 01 Jun 2003

Thanks for the update, lets us know the outcome. It really sounds an interesting one, never heard of it before.

Good luck


  Legolas 20:42 01 Jun 2003

Curiouser and curiouser. I have never heard of this one before. Keep us all posted it will be intriguing to know what happens

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