Who needs an ISP?

  TheGnome 18:51 19 Sep 2007

Am I being naive, or just plain stupid? I have just bought a new PC with Vista installed, but I cannot get AOL VR to run on it despite (or perhaps because of!) AOL's help. I can get on the internet with Internet explorer, and read my AOL emails which get sent to my other PC. Do I really need AOL, or any other ISP? I have an idea that I can read and write emails with Google or Yahoo so why do I need an ISP?

  Quiller. 18:57 19 Sep 2007

Are you using a modem or a router. If you are not and your computer has WiFi capability, then you are stealing some ones internet connection.

  Quiller. 19:06 19 Sep 2007

Are you sure you are not connected to AOL?

Go to control panel, network and sharing centre. This should tell you what is connecting to the internet.

  Pine Man 19:17 19 Sep 2007

Yes you are being naive & plain stupid;-)

You clearly have an a/c with AOL as you are having emails sent to your other PC.

I don't know what AOL VR is but I suspect it is AOL's software and browser, which doesn't need to be installed for you to access your a/c.

Once you have an a/c with any ISP you can access your emails from any PC anywhere in the world.

  TheGnome 19:25 19 Sep 2007

No, I do not have wiFi capability. I am using a netgear DG834G router on my other PC (Win ME)and this connects to my wife's PC (Win XP) in the next room wirelessly using Netgear WG111. This setup has worked well (and still does) for over 18 months. I have just bought a Vista PC which I have hooked up to the DG834G, and with this, as I have said, I can get on to the internet with Explorer, but canot get on to AOL. It always stops at step 3(Checking password) and my screennames do not appear. I have asked AOL and they agree that it is a "connectivity" problem. I have tried everything they suggest, with no success so far.

  TheGnome 19:41 19 Sep 2007

Pine Man
Thank you Pine Man, but I don't think I'm being quite as stupid as you think. I know I have an account with AOL; my problem is that I cannot connect to AOL using my Vista PC. AOL VR is supposed to be the Vista Ready (VR - Geddit?) version of AOL 9.

  Quiller. 19:43 19 Sep 2007

" I have just bought a Vista PC which I have hooked up to the DG834G, and with this, as I have said, I can get on to the internet with Explorer "

You do not have to sign onto AOL with your new computer to get onto the internet. You just connect the lan cable to your new computer and you are away onto the internet. You ARE using AOL's service via the router because this is always connected to AOL.

Why not make this your home page click here and just sign on from there to access your emails.

  TheGnome 19:45 19 Sep 2007

Thanks Quiller, I did as you suggested, and all that is shown is this computer (I'm using the Vista PC) and the router. I'll do the same check on the other PC and see what it says.

  Stuartli 19:46 19 Sep 2007

quiller beat me to it...:-)

  TheGnome 20:00 19 Sep 2007

When I get on to AOL in the way you suggest, it isn't quite the real thing. At the top of the screen it says "Welcome to AOL - Windows Internet Explorer"

  Quiller. 20:04 19 Sep 2007

What happens when you click on the link of

make AOL your home page

also you say

" "Welcome to AOL - Windows Internet Explorer" "

What does it say on your other PC?


thats a first then :-)

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