Who moved some of my folders

  shellship 14:47 27 Jan 2005

This morning after turning on my beast (XP Home SP2, Office XP) I found no sub-folders in my My Documents/Documents folder - and none of the files either. Spreadsheets, Databases, My Pictures etc all there still. Ran Norton Virus check, AdAware and Spybot, nowt to report apart from the odd Data Miner as usual. Tried to recover from Norton protected Recycle and three returned to life but not the rest. Searched for my lost folders/files and found some of them mysteriously moved to My Documents/Fax/Documents.

Any idea how this happened and any way of easily moving them back other than creating new sub folders and mofing files accordingly/

Help, you great people out there.

  Tycho 15:09 27 Jan 2005

If all of the files are still in the subfolders that you had put them in when they were in the correct place then all ou need to do is copy the whole folders back into My Documents and all the subfolders will go too. If they have been lifted from their folders then you will need to recreate the directory structure that you had before.

I haven't a clue how this might have happened except by human error.


  BurrWalnut 15:14 27 Jan 2005

Using regedit have a look at this registry key, which shows the location of 'special' folders :-

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

Make a note of the location of the folders you want to move. Use Explorer to move them and then check that the registry has been updated to reflect the changes.

Create a System Restore point first just in case you have finger troubles.

  Chezdez 15:15 27 Jan 2005

Hi, try this

1st of all, right click on My Documents, in the target area make sure it is the same as what is below

C:\Documents and Settings\"Your Windows Username"\My Documents

if not,


hope this is helps

  shellship 15:40 27 Jan 2005

Thanks so far
BurrWalnut - the only relevant item in User Shell Folders is My Pictures and that one hasn't been affected.
Yycho - As these new folders with "Fax" as an interior subfolder have been created I suspect I'll have to go the long way round.
Chezdez - I like your idea, seems the easiest, but I cannot see "Restore Default" when I right click My Docs.

  shellship 15:45 27 Jan 2005

Meant to add I agree must be human error if it is not an outside agency but I promise, on my honour, that all was OK at10.30 last night when I exited and it wasn't when I switched on this morning.

Tried to restore from my recent (only week ago, thank goodness)XP back up and all went pear shaped and Microsoft, having received eror message directed to me to Roxio site, someting to do with readr.sys but they seem to insist on paying for patch.

  Chezdez 15:45 27 Jan 2005

right click the my documents link on your desktop

  shellship 15:52 27 Jan 2005

Did not have Desktop link,now created one, right click, no restore default, sorry.

  shellship 16:09 27 Jan 2005


Have moved everything back to where it should be and hoefully still OK.

Thanks all for suggestions - but, Tycho, I can regard myself as of intermediate expertise (learnt before the days of DOS and, sad boy, used to take computer software manuals to bed) and totally cannot understand what combination of keystrokes can move all my document subfolders into the fax folder which is never used.

Off to see Rebecca now.

  Chezdez 16:23 27 Jan 2005

did you create a shortcut, i.e. it has a little arrow on it?

don't do it that way, right click on the link that is found in the start menu, and then show on desktop

  shellship 22:58 27 Jan 2005

Thanks. Did what you said. No arrow on DT shortcut before or after but there is hand - presumably showing shared docs (it's my wife's machine again).
Never mind, enjoyed Rebecca -think Mrs danvers must have been at my mchine last night from Mandeley.

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