Who is the imposter, and why?

  GANDALF<|:-)> 17:00 10 Mar 2005

It is not me!


  Salinger 17:03 10 Mar 2005

I think we know that! Question is, why has he not been delted?

  GANDALF<|:-)> 17:04 10 Mar 2005

Meh! u would make a good FE. Why not apply?

  GANDALF<|:-)> 17:05 10 Mar 2005

Meh! u would make a good FE. Why not apply?

  Salinger 17:07 10 Mar 2005

Seems like it is YOUR problem.

  plsndrs3 17:11 10 Mar 2005

I am surprised that someone can register with a name so close to one already held - there is just one keysroke difference.

I agree- contact FE & get the name removed. I just wonder what can be done in future to stop this happening. Just as well VOG noticed the difference before any silly posts were applied on genuine help requests!

and why? - Maybe because the person 'using you' knows that you are held in high esteem by so many of us & wanted to bask in your glory [for a short while at least]?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:20 10 Mar 2005

well, it is impossible for all to be taken i suppose and he could easily try any combination of ascii characters to look the same.


  Storik 17:25 10 Mar 2005

Methinks it's just waiting for a spell and see if the FE can work his magic - lol


  Satmansq 17:34 10 Mar 2005

Maybe the imposter lacks the imagination to think of something original, have they actually done anything untoward or pretended to be you in any other way.

  Salinger 17:36 10 Mar 2005

The real Gandalf has not yet appeared online.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:40 10 Mar 2005

This thread is a bit like Lazarus.

G (original)

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