Who hosts my website?!

  algernonymous 17:10 29 Sep 2007

I'm trying to help a friend close a couple of websites he had created a few years ago. Un fortunately, as they were created for him by friends, he seems to have mislaid all information he was given. He wishes to retain the domain names (which I've done using whois) but is there a way of finding which companies host these sites? He has no deductions on recent bank/ credit card statements so that doesn't help, I guess they're paid annually.


  octal 17:46 29 Sep 2007

If the site is a UK one then Nominet administer all of those sites.

click here

I think your friend will have to prove ownership of the sites somehow unless they have records at Nominet.

  octal 17:48 29 Sep 2007

I'll just add they administer all co.uk, me.uk, org.uk, net.uk, plc.uk and ltd.uk zones

  algernonymous 17:57 29 Sep 2007

I found all info regarding domain name registrars but there was nothing about who the website hosts were. Does Nominet have this information also? I couldn't see it on their site.

  octal 18:18 29 Sep 2007

Thinking about it probably not, sorry. Have you tried doing a traceroute on the site to see where they end up?

  algernonymous 18:29 29 Sep 2007

Er, a traceroute? Whats one of them and how do you do it?


  spuds 19:09 29 Sep 2007

If your friend asks his bank and credit card company for ongoing payments, they should have records of past and future transaction.

You do not say what the websites are, perhaps they are provided by an ISP as part of a subscriber member package, in which case they could be free while the ISP agreement is valid?.

Could the person or people who set up the websites hold the domains, if so, perhaps that is why there is no direct link to your friend.Some people do this, especially if the domain might be worth something, that can be sold on later?.

The domain name registry company may not host websites, in which case they would not be of help, but on the other hand companies like 1&1 host and provide domain facilities.

All long shots but perhaps worth consideration?.

  octal 19:12 29 Sep 2007

It's actually called tracert in Windows, this site shows how to use it click here

In my system it's called traceroute and this is what I get when I run it on my site:

traceroute click here
traceroute to click here (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 ( 15.512 ms 13.057 ms 23.675 ms
2 wapk-t2cam1-b-ge910.inet.ntl.com ( 10.303 ms 13.184 ms 15.688 ms
3 ( 19.299 ms 8.588 ms 7.583 ms
4 pop-bb-b-so-020-0.inet.ntl.com ( 13.282 ms 6.898 ms 12.430 ms
5 pop-bb-a-ge-000-0.inet.ntl.com ( 15.632 ms 15.434 ms 20.689 ms
6 bre-bb-b-so-320-0.inet.ntl.com ( 38.146 ms 34.539 ms 32.501 ms
7 telc-ic-1-as0-0.inet.ntl.com ( 19.031 ms 10.624 ms 9.750 ms
8 ldn-b2-link.telia.net ( 13.473 ms 12.941 ms 19.846 ms
9 ldn-bb1-link.telia.net ( 16.107 ms 31.993 ms 14.939 ms
10 hbg-bb1-link.telia.net ( 29.896 ms 27.827 ms 27.260 ms
11 s-bb1-pos5-0-0.telia.net ( 51.960 ms 47.765 ms 48.892 ms
12 s-b1-link.telia.net ( 48.565 ms 57.282 ms 43.401 ms
13 lycos-106837-s-b3.c.telia.net ( 43.233 ms 50.067 ms 64.076 ms

Entry 13 is my host which is Lycos.

It should trace the route right back to the site that's the host, worth a try.

  Graham. 20:08 29 Sep 2007

Will tell you click here

  octal 20:22 29 Sep 2007

According to his first post he's already done that.

  algernonymous 20:31 29 Sep 2007

Right thanks guys.
spuds- good idea about 'ongoing payments', I'll ask him to check that.
The sites are both .com's so I guess they're not connected to any ISP's.
As I've said, I've secured the domain names for him, we just wish to close the websites and cancel payments for them.

octal- one worked, and came back with a list like yours, so I've got a couple of addresses to look at.
The other came back with
'Unable to resolve target system name- (website address)'

So we'll see.

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