Who has the oldest pc there still using

  ktheed1 01:28 29 Sep 2004

mine is a PII 350 Mhz, 192MB RAM, Dial-up

  Dan the Confused 01:34 29 Sep 2004

K6-2-500, 192mb RAM, Dial-Up

(But I still have a Cyrix 233 I could install to outdo you!)

  ktheed1 02:00 29 Sep 2004

i remember those along with the 486 i used to have, u reckon i cud install xp on that, ha ha,

  ktheed1 02:05 29 Sep 2004

my uncle has a 1.7ghz and his takes longer to start up and runs a lot slower than my trusty hp vectra PII 350mhz never had any hard ware go wrong nothing its the most reliable computer i have had since my P1 133Mhz which also handles windows fine i think manufacturers are making thing so they break after a certain amount of time these days which is why the old computers work still 100% fine and eg. those old fashoned cookers with the controls on a back board instead of on the front of the hob my uncle has got one that is about 14 years old never had any thing go wrong with it unlike my mother that bought an electric cooker and had to replace it 4 years down the line, still goes strong the saying They Dont Make THings Like They Used To . . .

  Danoh 05:39 29 Sep 2004

Cyrix 166 - Widows 95

  Catastrophe 06:35 29 Sep 2004

It's not a pc, but I still have a Tandy TRS80 with 4K (yes, 4K) RAM saving onto music tapes. You had to make at least 10 copies in the hopes of getting one good one.

  dan 11 06:59 29 Sep 2004

Amstrad mega pc. Around 19 years old. 33 mhz processor with 4 mb of ram and all ISA cards. Still runs windows 3.1 fine.

  hillybilly 08:29 29 Sep 2004

Elonex 286 runs at 12Mhz, 2Mb ram(upgraded from 1Mb cost £100 at the time) 40Mb hard drive partitioned into 2x20, 3.5 AND 5.25 Floppy drives.

Runs DOS 3.3 with a specialised DOS word processing package called "Note Bene"

Total price in 1987 was £1850

  JonnyTub 09:48 29 Sep 2004

pentium 11, 300 MHZ (xp home home running on this, and it's no slouch) 128mb ram and 40 gb hd. All built into a video recorder so it doesn't look outta place under tv (modded) and networked to main pc and laptop mainly for storage and playback of mp3's and important business document backup.

  Noelg23 09:59 29 Sep 2004

my brother has our first PC in his room its a Packard Bell Pentium 120MHz with 16MB RAM and a 1.2GB HDD with a 24x CD-ROM drive...of course its reached the stage where it can turn on but wont boot into Windows 95 so its never been touched really....I did upgrade it a few years back to a Pentium 166 with a 52x CD-ROM drive and a 15" flat screen Sony monitor...now they have a AMD Athlon XP PC with Win XP Home and DVD drive and CD-writer...and I have my own PC which is a beast of a machine which I built meself....my family live in london and I now live in Aberdeen in Scotland.

  muscic lover 10:03 29 Sep 2004

I still have a Sinclair spectrum!! But now no longer use it!!
Oh the fun of waiting for those tapes to download for ages (sounds like one of todays PC's!!) only to have the darn thing crash!! JUST LIKE todays PC's ..... Oh the memories!!

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