Who has been upgraded to BT's 'upto 8MB Broadband

  woofwoofbark 03:08 17 Jun 2006

I signed up for the upgrade on 8TH April (over 2 months ago) I read that they would do thier best to upgrade everyone by June , anyway ... I called BT and asked if I'd be upgraded from my 2MB BT Yahoo Broadband package and was told that I could still wait 'upto another 2 months' grr , I live in West Lothian Scotland and was curious to know , to the people who have signed up for the upgrade , have you actually been upgraded yet ?

I was checking out a site to see what speed I can get ... BT say I can only get 5.5MB but here is what this site said ... click here

BT ADSL broadband availability
You are connected to the Whitburn telephone exchange.

ADSL is available in your area
Your exchange is also enabled for ADSL Max services

According to BT Wholesale, your line should be able to support a 5.5Mbps or greater ADSL connection via ADSL Max.

Standard ADSL RAG results:
You can receive 2Mbps ADSL
You can receive 1Mbps ADSL
You can receive 512Kbps ADSL
You can receive 256Kbps ADSL

You are approximately 1.10km from the exchange (straight line distance).

There appears to a compatibility issue with your phone line. This could be caused by an existing DSL connection, ISDN, a DACS unit, TPON, a pending ADSL order or many other common issues. This will need to be resolved before ADSL can be supplied to your line.

does this mean ... your line should be able to support a 5.5Mbps or greater ADSL connection via ADSL Max.... that I can get higher than 5.5MB or ??

hope this makes sence as its 4am and my bed looks so inviting just now !!!

please post advice/opinions

many thanks

geo g

  woofwoofbark 03:10 17 Jun 2006

to find out how for (or close) you are to your local exchange click here enter your phone and post code


geo g

  woofwoofbark 03:14 17 Jun 2006

click here and enter your town name and click 'View larger and more detailed map' and zoom in for a closer look as to where your exchange is and how far it is from your house...

beed calls ...


geo g

  Mad Mick 08:03 17 Jun 2006

If you are on option 2,3 or 4 you shouild be able to get the upgrade within 7 days. I phoned up BT and asked how I could cancel my contract to enable me to change to an ISP that was able to provide an up to 8Mb serice immediately and surprise, surprise BT were able to upgrade me the next week!!

  exdragon 08:38 17 Jun 2006

I've got mine - had the email saying it's now available and it provided the link to upgrade. When I tried it, it asked me what date I wanted the modem delivered and that there would be a £17.99 monthly charge. As I already had the modem etc, I chickened out at this point and emailed them last Sunday, saying I didn't undersand the instructions.

Withing half an hour I had an automatic email response, followed half an hour later by a chap who agreed the instructions were a bit confusing but that he'd do it for me by the 16th. He took great pains to explain that it may take a little time to work out the ideal speed for the line. It seems fine now and the downloading goes like the proverbial rocket. Very impressed with BT on this one...or is that tempting fate??

  961 08:53 17 Jun 2006

The actual line distance is what governs the speed you are likely to get, and this may be very different to straight line distance. For example I am about 2 miles straight line distance but line distance is about 5 miles. Line quality (how old the cable is) is also very important

The results on the site you use are way out for my connection. It shows me as being able to get only 512Kbps but after my recent max upgrade I am actually getting 2.4Mbps

From the reply you have it may be that the line needs work perhaps because of voice amplifiers or lack of capacity. Again the news that there appears to be a compatibility issue with the line should be taken with a pinch of salt. My line shows the same advice but is obviously not relevant in view of the speeds I am getting

As Mad Mick says, it is often the one that shouts loudest that gets the quickest result

  Input Overload 10:23 17 Jun 2006

If you already have ADSL on the line you will get the following when running the test> (There appears to a compatibility issue with your phone line)

  woofwoofbark 11:15 17 Jun 2006

Mad Mick... I'm going to go route and give BT a fright lol hopefully that will kick things into gear

exmpdragon ... they give you a modem with the upgrade ?? I read that if your modem isnt compatible then you will have to but one that is ... I have a router that holds upto 8MB so hopefully I'll be ok !

Input Overload ... yeah I get that message and thanks 961 for your explination !

many thanks

goe g

  Major Disaster 11:27 17 Jun 2006

OK, sorry to hijack your post a little bit, buy apparently im 500m from the exchange with BT and im only getting 2MB at the moment. So i just signed up to the 8MB thing and did a check and it said i can 5.5MB.

Just wanted to know, how soon do they come back to say were gona get you faster broadband and how on easrth is any one ever going to get 8MB if im only a stone's through from the line and can "only" manage 5.5MB?

  exdragon 13:34 17 Jun 2006

No new modem - it was on the list of those which supported the higher speeds.It's actually a router- Voyager 205.

  woofwoofbark 01:22 06 Jul 2006

I called BT a few days back complaining that I signed to thier 'upto 8MB Boadband' package 3 months ago and had been 'chatting' to 'technicians' on thier Desktop Help ( they say that Desktop help advisors can answer everything related to my account) but no they say they have no record of me signing to the new speed and was given a number too call who gave me another number who inturn ( you guest it ) gave me yet another number , but i was still in the same situation as if it was still April 8th when I acctually first signed to the new speed .... well

I called the billing department ( I had been told they deal with the upgrade ) but he (Gary < a fellow Scot) couldnt get his computer working so he called another department who wouldnt answer his call ?? then he tried another department who answered who then put Gary on hold and promptly hung up on him , Gary was apologising every ten secs lol it was funny , He then put me on hold so that he could 'run' to one of his supervisors who came to the phone , I complained about the 3 month wait and that I had enough of this and asked him for a migrate code so that I can move ISP .... I was put on hold yet again :/ the supervisor said if I want to stay that I would be upgraded on 12th july ( i dunno if i should have but I said yes .... after all I hadnt any problems with BT till this point...

Im thinking , what has the supervisor done that the others couldnt ??? and why couldnt they have sorted it out straight away ???

ah well , Its done now so hopefully from 12th july onwards I'll be anjoying faster speeds ( well once the settling in peroid is over and they gimme the best possible speed I can get as quickly as possible...

phew !!!

geo g

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