Who can take action against virus spreaders?

  Big John 11:51 18 Mar 2003

Is there an organisation in the UK who can take criminal action against those who maliciously spread computer viruses?

  DieSse 11:57 18 Mar 2003

Yes - the Police.

  Big John 12:11 18 Mar 2003

So that will be no-one then, we all know that in the real world the police would not have the time or resorces to take action against this crime.

  powerless 12:21 18 Mar 2003

The first person to release a virus on the web is probably the actual peroson who made the virus.

With the virus spreading to 5, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000...

It would be vey difficult to trace it back throught all those email addresses.

Most people who reicieve a virus have AV protection, so its not really a problem. The people who do no have AV wil not know of the virus and they are the people who will spread a virus...Are they to blame? No. Although they could help themsleves and others by getting a AV protection.

The police - yes, tell them.

But also tell your ISP.

  DieSse 12:24 18 Mar 2003

Well they do, and they have, as some email perpetrators have found - including one in the UK quite recently.

However I'm sure they will do a better job if you vote to increase their funding and numbers next time around.

  Big John 12:39 18 Mar 2003

Thank you DieSse and Powerless for your help, I agree that most viruses are passed on by those who do not have adiquate AV protection and that it would be wrong to prosicute an "innocent" third party. I had not considered contacting my ISP, stupid of me really, thanks again.

  Belatucadrus 16:05 18 Mar 2003

If you want to contact the correct department of the Police, you need the National Hi-Tech Crime unit click here for the web page, although it doesn't fill you with confidence as the background info page says they "became operational in April this year" clearly this hasn't been updated for some time, the unit was formed April 2001.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:02 18 Mar 2003

It is pointless burdening the police as nearly every virus is spread, unwittingly, by third parties. The writer will have protected his or her identity well and you will not be the first recipient of the virus. The police have more than enough to do. the question should have read..'Is there an organisation in the UK who can take criminal action against those who maliciously WRITE computer viruses?'


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