Who is the best broadband supplier??

  Nuneatonian 16:46 16 Mar 2008

Hi all
I am with tiscali, dial up and considering broadband. I have had dialup for sometime now, first with freeserve/wannadoo/orange, who decided last year to get rid of dialup and I had to change ISP because my old computer wasn't quite up to broadband. I then went to AOL dialup, I then left them because I couldn't use quite a few game sites I previously used with Orange and my computer was taken over with loads of software and slowed it right down. I am now with tiscali. Just after signing with Tiscali I had to get a new computer because my old gave up its ghost. Now I would like to know who is the best, I have heard many horror stories with ISPs. Orange customer service who I had dealings with were awful. I have heard bad things about Tiscali, so don't think I will upgrade from dialup to broadband with them.
Who is the best and have good customer service,(preferably in the uk) price and download speeds?
Thank you in advance

  Clapton is God 16:49 16 Mar 2008

"I am with tiscali"

So, you're already with the best.

You might as well green tick this thread

  bremner 16:57 16 Mar 2008

Tiscali the best?

For an objective view click here

  Swampy 17:07 16 Mar 2008

I was with AOL from 2001 until last month. After much research I changed to o2 and very impressed so far. Getting combined broadband and mobile phone package for less than I was paying AOL. Very helpful staff, online, on the phone and in the shops. Hope it continues. Good luck. Watch for any download limitations etc before deciding finally.

  Gongoozler 17:14 16 Mar 2008

Almost every ISP has horror stories about them. I'm currently with Tiscali and have no problems with them. BT are currently highly rated, but not that long ago they were subject to a lot of criticism. Zen Internet are said to be one of the best, but they are also one of the most expensive.

  setecio 17:15 16 Mar 2008

What is your definition of 'best' ..

cheapest ?
most likely to just work
best customer service should I need it

They can all give problems. The cheapest is the best if it works and gives you a speed that you're happy with. The cheapest won't be the best if you have problems and are sent off to India for hours of telephone help.

Do you want a bundle package with telephone?

If Tiscali are LLU in your exchange then you can get a £20 deal to cover all your landline calls and broadband with a wireless router for £30.

  LABMAN 17:38 16 Mar 2008

As other members have stated best is hard to define as it depends on so many factors.

My best would be who could guarantee the advertised speed you pay for and that means cable, you sign up for Virgin Media Cable and irrespective of what speed you pay for, Ok I know some people on the 20MB are still having problems, you as near as can be measured get it almost 100% of the time.

I know they have their problems but lets face it who doesn't, I've had cable broadband now for just over 4years starting at 512KB and wouldn't dream of changing to a telephone based ISP.

  Nuneatonian 17:57 16 Mar 2008

Hi all
Thanks for your responses. What I mean by best, is "best all round" good price, reliable service, good customer service
Virgin Media bought out NTL, we had NTL cable TV and had it taken out as it wasn't very good, and the customer service was appalling. I don't know if they are better now, and sacked all the old staff.
By the way what is LLU, as I am new to Broadband tech, I do know what this means.

  woodchip 18:08 16 Mar 2008

Me with TalkTalk saves loads of dosh and i get good connection free weekend and evening calls. No by bill at all

  woodchip 18:13 16 Mar 2008

BT not by

  cruiser2 19:13 16 Mar 2008

Was originally with Freeserve dial up.and then Demon broadband with BT landline. Changed to TalkTalk when they introduced there offer of Broadband, line rental and free calls 24/7 to landline numbers. Had a problem which resulted in them supplying a new and better modem and refunding one months rental. Otherwise no real complaints. Calls to their technical department are free if you are on TalkTalk line rental and call service.

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