Who are "MySecurityCenter"

  six-h 02:00 28 Jun 2008

I've just started receiving e-mails from them, but don't dare click any of the links, even the two "unsubscribe" options which would link me to "[email protected] above name", or "[email protected]".
I can't imagine what might have invoked their mails, and strongly suspect it's spam, or something more sinister, but how can I stop their unwanted communications safely?

  Technotiger 07:20 28 Jun 2008

The best way is to simply delete them - without opening!

  birdface 08:37 28 Jun 2008

Download E Prompter and all your mail will go through that ,You can open it or delete it.Anything you save will go threw to your normal e-mail provider when you open it.click here

  Zurdo 13:38 28 Jun 2008

I've just had my first mail from these folks and BT Yahoo put it in the bulk (trash) folder so looks like they think it's rubbish too!

  Technotiger 13:40 28 Jun 2008

It is not a good idea to 'unsubscribe' to any of these rubbish sites - this just confirms to them that they have reached a live address. As I said earlier, best just to Delete them.

  Zurdo 13:40 28 Jun 2008

Dammit. Just seen that they sent the same mail to my hotmail account as well but hotmail didn't put it in trash.

  six-h 14:02 28 Jun 2008

Thanks guys,
More or less confirms my thinking on them!

I forgot to mention that the mail account I was talking about is a G-mail one, so don't think "eprompter" would be any help, I'll have a look at it though for my ISP provided account but thankfully, I'm not having any trouble with that one...at the moment!

I'll just tag it as spam for now, G-mail is usually quite good at filtering my mail.

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