white screen on start up

  capewell38 23:09 24 Jan 2010

Please note I know next to nothing about PCs, so any answers need to be in 'Janet & John' mode.

When I start up my PC I get a white screen only. This also happens when screen goes into standby for more than a minute. Is this likely to be a graphics card issue or something entirely different? Whatever it is, how do I resolve it?

When it first occurred I simply switched the monitor off and back on and hey presto, the icons appeared. Now I can be switching it on and off 30 times or more before the icons appear.

Thank you in anticipation of somebody's help.

  jamesd1981 23:27 24 Jan 2010

it could be the monitor, cable or card have you tried a different screen, a different cable etc.

  User-312386 23:35 24 Jan 2010

Is it a CRT(big screen with big air holes) or a LCD(flat screen monitor)?

  mooly 07:42 25 Jan 2010

It sounds like the monitor tbh.

If you keep switching it on/off and suddenly find it works, all without touching the PC then that's a fairly good clue.
Have you tried the "waggle test" and the "whack test" on the leads and monitor ;)

If you ever update graphics card drivers etc always create a restore point first so you can "go back" if there were ever problems.

  capewell38 11:23 25 Jan 2010

Madboy - it is a flat screen (thanks for the expalnation - it helped).

Others - I have tried wiggling/waggling wires, thumping it etc etc, but this appears to have no effect.

  User-312386 16:26 25 Jan 2010

OK next thought is - On the back of your PC where the monitor is plugged into, are there 2 sockets for the monitor? What i mean is, does the PC have a dedicated graphics card? If there are 2 then change the monitor plug over to the other one then see what happens!

  capewell38 13:44 26 Jan 2010

no, just the one. Thanks for your persistence, to date

  dasli 15:23 26 Jan 2010

useful info, thanks:)

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