White lines across screen

  deking 08:41 26 Apr 2007

Hi All

Of recent my screen gets these white lines across it that makes reading the screen very difficult.

Do I need to get a new monitor or could it be the graphics card that is at fault?

Many Thanks

  xania 08:45 26 Apr 2007

More likely to be the graphics card - make sure it hasn't come loose in its slot. Also see if you can borrow another monitor and check.

  wee eddie 08:46 26 Apr 2007

What are you System specs and what type of Graphics do you have?

  deking 08:49 26 Apr 2007

Many Thanks for all replies.
Will go for the testing of screen before checking graphics card and then take it from there.

  keef66 09:35 26 Apr 2007

simple to work out which, try a different monitor with your pc, if the problem persists, it's your graphics card.

Double check; try your monitor on another pc.

Final possibility, if the monitor cable is the kind you can replace (ie not permanently attached to the monitor)you could try swapping that too

  Stuartli 10:47 26 Apr 2007

Might be a PSU that's not quite powerful enough or even on the way out.

Graphics cards, even pretty basic ones, often require 300w or more - your graphics card manual will/should list power requirements.

I bought a cheap and cheerful nVidia graphics card once and had to add a 500w PSU as well because the minimum requirement for the card was 300w and preferably 350w...:-)

  deking 13:48 26 Apr 2007

Thanks to all and everyone for the suggestions / help.
Will be doing as advised.

  xania 09:15 27 Apr 2007

PLease let us know the outcome.

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