white edge on gif. tranparency

  hil[email protected] 00:28 03 Jun 2006

Hey folks, thought id cracked this - getting there

click here

when i upload a gif. with a trans background im lefy with a ' white dusty edge ', short of cutting it out then doing it all again in front of a black layer, im stuck.....pls help using photoshop7.....thanks folks

  Eric10 20:08 03 Jun 2006

I don't use Photoshop 7 so I can't be too specific and I don't know what method you are using to create your oval. I think that it may be because the pixels at the edge of your photo are merged gradually to the background colour so that when you set the background to be transparent these pixels are not quite the same colour so are missed.
You could try creating a new canvas of a suitable size with a transparent background then use your oval selector on the photo and cut and paste it into the new canvas.

  [email protected] 00:50 04 Jun 2006

thanks, i dont notice it till i save for web,surely its a seeting there - i usualy extract the original using the magic eraser, then when the worst is out i clean up with a regular eraser, if i throw a stroke effect on it, i can see the rough edge, if i proceed to erase the dirty edge till clean i still get dusty white edges when i save ?????????????
.....gonna be a long one i think. cheers Eric 10

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