whitch cpu to purchase

  Dave 21 17:10 04 Aug 2005

Hi, Im thinking of upgradeing my cpu but how do i know whitch socket to get, Currently i have an AMD Durron 1.1 processor, Any ideas?

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:42 04 Aug 2005

Let us know exactly which motherboard you have then we will be able to help you.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:44 04 Aug 2005

Go to click here and download Everest Home Edition if you need help identifying your motherboard.

  temp003 17:58 04 Aug 2005

It's important you find out what motherboard you have. The Duron 1.1 GHz should be Socket A, but it's not just a question of which socket.

Although there are still Socket A CPUs around (I think Semprons and some Athlon XPs), I suspect they will have a faster front side bus, which for a start your motherboard may not support. You will have to find out your motherboard model first.

  Dave 21 18:11 04 Aug 2005

My motherboard is an MSI K7M Pro ( MS - 6340M ) / K7TM Pro ( MS6340 ). Hope this helps, Not sure what im doing as im a computer virgin. lol

  temp003 18:41 04 Aug 2005

Links to MSI's CPU Support Lists:

MS-6340M (PCB version 1) click here

MS-6340M (PCB version 3) click here

MS-6340M (PCB version 5) click here

K7TM Pro click here

Basically, if your mobo is MS-6340M version 1 or K7TM Pro, you can't upgrade to anything sensible. Funny thing is, according to the MSI website, these two motherboards don't actually support the Duron 1.1 GHz (don't know why not), which you have.

If your mobo is MS-6340M version 3 or 5, then you can get an Athlon XP, though the choice is still limited.

Do you have a motherboard manual from which you can find out the model number?

  Dave 21 18:56 04 Aug 2005

I see what you mean, Thanks for your advice, I think the best thing i could do is upgrade the lot & get a motherboard bundle, Any advice on this would also be appreciated.

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