whistle sound

  User-191E1920-20CB-4300-860DCABFC467F8DC 14:28 28 Jan 2005

hello i've just installed a webcam with audio based in the webcam, i go to use the audio and i can hear a whistle the webcam is away from the speakrs and theres still a whistle any ideas?

  Chezdez 14:29 28 Jan 2005

sounds like feedback, turn speakers down and point mic away from them

  Rigga 14:39 28 Jan 2005

I know it sounds weird, but in the volume control there's a checkbox to mute the microphone. Try that, I did and it made the feedback disappear.

And Yes the microphone still works!


P.S. Why have you started another thread? when this one is still running? > click here <

P.P.S. I gave the same answer in your other thread!

i mute mute it and people cant hear me

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