Whining Hard Drive

  OSH44 08:54 31 Jul 2012

I have a Compaq Presario 5306UK Desktop with 4GB of RAM and a 1TB Hard Drive. I have a most irritating noise that comes from the machine all the time. It is a quiet (but insistent) fluctuation whine. It sounds like the hard drive continually winding up and down. When it happens I note that the drive light is flashing. I have checked to see what programs (such as virus scanning) might be operating in the background but have not been able to isolate anything. Does anyone have any clues please?

  mole1944 09:12 31 Jul 2012

No idea but if the drive is about to fail make sure any data you have is backed up "NOW",also i9n ccleaner there is a utility to defrag your hard drive click pn the pear on the top right it has the ability to do a health check on your drive. As i say back up your data as if your drive goes belly up at least your data will be safe,i use clickfree and acronis clickfree for data acronis to back up the whole drive.

  onthelimit1 09:55 31 Jul 2012

There are always some processes running in the background, so it's not unusual for the HDD light to be flickering. The noise could also be a fan, so suggest you take the side off and listen (a long screwdriver presses against your ear and the other end touching a component is one way to pinpoint the source of the noise). Do back-up as suggested though, as it could be a failing HDD (more usually clicking, but better to be safe etc etc)

  rdave13 10:10 31 Jul 2012

I use SpeedFan 4.46 to check health of HDDs. Under the S.M.A.R.T tab, select the hard drive, it shows the fitness and performance of the drive. A handy utility to have. I'd also check the GPU fan to see if it needs cleaning of dust.

  robin_x 11:06 31 Jul 2012

Rolled up piece of A4 as an ear trumpet can also be useful

  spuds 12:02 31 Jul 2012

Probably the fan (take case side off and check for dust,unplug fan for short time, and see if noise goes away), or have you moved the computer case recently, because a 'new' location or level might result in different noise.

If its the hard-drive, then check the manufacturer's website for a possible diagnostic tool download. The download suggested by rdave13 looks promising, so I might even try it out myself, even though I don't have any working problems yet.

  rdave13 12:25 31 Jul 2012

SpeedFan Should have included the link.

  OSH44 18:13 31 Jul 2012

Many thanks to all. SpeedFan did the trick.

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