WhichVideoEditng package ?

  JACC 22:18 12 Jun 2003

I would like to start putting my video onto disc and i would like to know what is good and not too expensive . I need a caputre card and software and a firewire cable , i need the lot really don't i .I have a DV camcorder if that is any help to you maybe not .I am just starting , so a basic job would do just fine .

  fitshase 23:38 12 Jun 2003

I have a DV camcorder and I simply purchased a firewire card and cable.

As for software, if you have Windows XP, there is a free video editing software called Microsoft Movie Maker (go to the Microsoft website to download the latest version of Movie Maker - only if you have XP).

There are some packages out there (Pinnacle - I think) which have a bundle of firewire card and video software.

I have had a play around with Adobe Premiere 6.5 but it is very advanced and I found that Microsoft Movie Maker v2 was ideal.



  fitshase 23:41 12 Jun 2003

look here for Microsoft Movie Maker 2:-

click here


  jazzypop 23:44 12 Jun 2003

For a cheap but good firewire card, go to dabs.com and search for quicklinx 179GWS

Two-port PCI Firewire card, £10.50

  jazzypop 23:54 12 Jun 2003

A better deal - quicklinx 17ZKWS, also at dabs.com

Three-port firewire card and Cyberlink SE (video editing package) £15 - note that delivery is stated as '1-2 weeks', which can be even longer than that at dabs. A good deal, if you are not in a hurry.

  y_not 06:23 13 Jun 2003

I use firewire & Studio 8 - works fine (Pity I didn't ask jazzypop where to buy cause I know I paid more than that!).

Just a couple of points: -

You will need quite large amounts of HDD space for the file (22mins = 5.23Gb AVI file).

The limit for an SVCD is around 35 minutes of encoded video.

Can your DVD player play SVCD's?

Finally, encoding takes a while (depends on CPU speed) but I usually encode overnight so I don't have a problem with it.

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