Which would be the quietest?

  katswhiskers 13:12 11 Sep 2004

I want to buy the quietest laptap I can. Desktop replacement or a mobile? Mobile chip or say, Pentium 4?

I'm short of space so hence a laptop. Also I will just be using it at home for research, email, word processsing. No games. So does not have to be especially powerful I guess.

What would be the quietest? Thanks in advance.


  sean-278262 14:04 11 Sep 2004

any mobile one will suit u 2 the ground as they are quiet n efficient 4 power usage.dont waste money on 1 faster dan u really need.

  Jeffers22 14:08 11 Sep 2004

As a rule of thumb: The faster the chip the noisier the cooling fan. Pentium mobile Centrino notebooks are plenty powerful for everything but latest games and pretty quiet too. Dell Latitude are pretty good - wife has one - and can be had for around £700

  sean-278262 14:13 11 Sep 2004

btw dont forget that there are plenty of shuttle systems around that take up next to no space.teamed wit a flat pannel they are wonterful

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