Which wires go where on audigy 2 and 5.1 speakers

  erkmatrix 14:54 25 Jan 2003

Stupid me has only just realized that music was only coming out of front two speakers , can someone tell me where the three green oragge and black wires go at the back in my soundcard which has a line out 3, line out 2, line out 1 and mic a line in and a digital out. On the diagram it says creative 5.1 which is what I have and just points to digital out and says creative 6.1 to go into 3 seperate sockets.yet when I do a speaker test with the voice test it comes out of all speakers , but when I do a speaker configuration its just the front left i hear a sound out of. The weirdest thing was when I got my speakers I also got a speaker stand spare just a bit larger than the other 5 with nothing to go in it, could they have sent me the wrong set up .


  obbit 15:01 25 Jan 2003

Hi junipaire............ click here

hope this helps


  erkmatrix 15:02 25 Jan 2003

Sorry should also add my speakers well what I ordered are meant to be 5300 5.1 speakers and also in my control panel/soundsand devices/audio/default device it has my audigy 2 down as a sb audigy audio [E000] is that what it should say?


  erkmatrix 15:03 25 Jan 2003

couldn't get the link to work obbit

  obbit 15:05 25 Jan 2003

yes just tried myself.......it might work later.


  Djohn 15:10 25 Jan 2003

Just tried to look at the rear of my Unit,Can't quite see the Icons.

But looking at the rear, from left to right, my 5.1 speakers are connected as follows: first socket, second socket, and fifth socket, hope this is of some help. card is S/blaster 5.1

  erkmatrix 15:32 25 Jan 2003

anyone have a audigy 2 with 5.1 speakers?

  obbit 15:34 25 Jan 2003

Hi junipaire......this is how mine is wired and as the diagram from that link that don't work.

orange socket-digital output for digital speakers
blue -line in cassette DAT or mini disc player
pink - microphone in
green - front powered speakers and sub woofer
black -rear out put speakers

sb1394 port

hope this helps


  obbit 15:39 25 Jan 2003

not very clear try again

orange-digital speakers

blue - line in for cassette or minidisc player

pink - microphone in

green - front and sub woofer speakers

black - rear speakers

SB1394 socket

hope thats better


  erkmatrix 15:49 25 Jan 2003

I maybe didn't ask the question properly what I've got is a three socket cable at either end a black, green and faint orange colour at the back of my sub woofer green goes in front speakers black goes in rear speakers and faint orange goes in cente speakers, Right its where these three sockets plug into my soundcard on my sound card there is a line out 1 socket, a line out 2 socket, a line out 3 socket then a mic socket then a line in socket then a digital out, what i wanted to know is which coloured plugs go in which as I only hear music out of the front two speakers.

  -pops- 16:00 25 Jan 2003

You only get 5.1 sound if the original recording was made that way. A normal stereo record will play in stereo on two speakers - left and right. You can get some software to juggle the sounds about to make it appear surround sound but as a norm - no.

The special 5.1 ahd 6.1 surround sound effects are more useful with DVD films and other Dolby items.

If you are getting the test sounds correctly then it is set up OK.


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