Which wireless router? .. under pressure .. help!

  semiartificial 14:28 24 Sep 2007


I have no broadband and no kit at present, but I want/need to get both sorted this week or my wife is going to do a John Bobbitt. I've managed to avoid the whole subject up till now, so I'm a newbie to it all, though I've tried to do some self help over the past couple of weeks. I think I've got to the stage where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, hence this rambling post.

For the BB I'm going to go with someone 'decent', such as ADSL24 or Newnet, an up to 8MBps package. My line checks out at up to 6.5MBps.

Obviously, I'd like to save money but I don't want to pay for a good service from them and find that my router (want to go wireless) lets me down through poor range or speed or reliability.

I'm particularly concerned about range or dead spots as my house is slightly larger than average, 100 years old with some reasonably solid walls (I hope!). The router will need to go near the floor ... my wife would not want it visible ... so not an optimum position.

My main needs will be for surfing, but I will also be doing a some P2P ("torrents" I'm told!) for films/music.

I have a desktop PC (with ethernet card, may consider wireless once set up) and a laptop (no wireless, so will need a PCMCIA card or USB adaptor).

ADSL24 suggest either a Netgear DG834G or the Speedtouch 585v6, but am concerned to read adverse reports (about the Netgear in particular) and am wondering if something with MIMO or specced to increase range would be better.

I was hoping to find a clear 'best buy' but am struggling. Which makes/models, in your experience, will work well in relation to my needs and environment?


  Dipso 15:00 24 Sep 2007

I wouldn't recommend the DG834G for use with ADSL Max 8 Meg, there are too many cases (me included) of problems wih the noise margin reporting.

I have used a Speedtouch 585 which is excellent on the modem side but the wireless range isn't too great.

If cost isn't an issue I would recommend a Netgear DG834N, my current router, which is both excellent on the modem and wireless side. They can be pricey but if you shop around you can get them for under £70. Some places are doing bundles with wireless adapters for little or no extra charge.

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