Which wireless router to chose?

  clueless555 13:22 07 Aug 2006

hi im finding difficulty chosing a router to set up a network, i want miniumum 108MBps , 125MBps would be great. i want to connect a printer to one of the computers and use it as the network printer and want a reliable and secure router so nobody could easily get into our network.


here is a few i saw and would like your oppinion of, feel free to post you own suggestions on which router in.

click here

click here

  ade.h 14:51 07 Aug 2006

I would not choose either of those (though the Buffalo would be preferable IME).

click here or click here or click here

That's assuming that you cannot wait for ratified 802.11n products to appear.

  clueless555 17:23 07 Aug 2006

the belkin looks good but im a newbie and am thinking, why are they more expensive than the buffalow and slower?

  ade.h 17:43 07 Aug 2006

Because two of the models that I have recommended use MIMO and the Buffalo does not. The Draytek costs more because it's a Draytek (anyone who has used one will know how good they are). click here and scroll to the bottom for a brief outline of MIMO.

  mgmcc 19:10 07 Aug 2006

The Buffalo router that you were looking at is suitable for *CABLE* broadband (NTL/Telewest), it is not suitable for use with ADSL. Its lower price reflects the fact that it doesn't incorporate an ADSL modem.

Having said that, you haven't actually specified which type of broadband you are using - Cable or ADSL - because the hardware you require is different.

  ade.h 19:13 07 Aug 2006

I'm assuming ADSL unless specifically told otherwise.

  Jimmy14 21:44 07 Aug 2006

I recommend the BT 2110 because I was thinking of purchasing it and by the way if you buy it from Misco at the same price, £69.99 you get a free usb wireless stick with it. Link Below
click here#


  ade.h 22:04 07 Aug 2006

That's a bit of a weak reason, Jimmy14 ;-) Have you installed any of them? They really don't match up to Linksys, most Belkins, 3Com or Draytek to be honest.

  robinhookham 22:07 07 Aug 2006

Have a look at Ebuyer.com. Lots of routers etc and good prices

  Strawballs 22:22 07 Aug 2006

If it is raw speed that you are after why not wait for 802.11n
This standard has been a long a time in development, but is due for ratification by early 2007. It has impressive real-world transfer speeds of around 200Mbps or more. Its lateness has resulted in a rash of proprietary speed-boosted systems giving up to 108Mbps (Clip taken from ade.h site click here)

  ade.h 22:26 07 Aug 2006

Thanks Strawballs! :-)

That's what I said earlier as well, although it is only an option if you're not in a hurry. You can get some Draft 11n stuff now, but I feel that it's jumping the gun a bit - the goalposts haven't quite been set in place yet.

If I had to buy now and needed a speed boost, I'd definitely go for MIMO. It is an excellent technology.

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