Which wireless router to buy

  Addie 13:17 08 Dec 2006

I have a Mesh computer and my daughter is coming home from university next week with her laptop, a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pi1505 which has the capacity of linking to a wireless LAN. Can anyone recommend which wireless router I should get, one which is easy for a novice to use & to make secure? Your assitance would be gratefully appreciated.

  fitshase 13:53 08 Dec 2006

You need to distinguish between ADSL and Cable. If you are on Cable for your internet connection, you will need a cable/dsl router.

If you are on BT, etc., you need an ADSL router.

I use Netgear products and they work fine for me. I have the Netgear DG834G ADSL router at home.

  Addie 14:55 08 Dec 2006

Yes, its through the ADSL that I needed. Will try to find your recommendation. Thanks very much for the info.

  SANAP 14:56 08 Dec 2006

I just bought that router from dabs, not got it yet but lots of people have recommended it.


  Dipso 15:11 08 Dec 2006

Amazon are doing a good deal at the minut eon the DG834G.

If you want a bundled USB adapter with your router check out PC World item no 257700, the routers the DG834G.

  Dipso 22:54 09 Dec 2006

Amazon are now doing the bundle for £59.99 click here

  ed-0 00:05 10 Dec 2006

I always use belkin, when I can.

It's so easy to setup, you get a lifetime guarantee and free telephone support.

You will have to either hard wire your machine to the router or use a WiFi adapter to get the signal. Usb dongles are easy to fit and configure.

This would give you maximum range with maximum security click here. It may be a few pounds more but you get what you pay for:-)

If you wanted you desktop to be a little bit more clutter free, a usb dongle click here would negate the need for wires from your router to your desktop.

  gudda96 06:53 10 Dec 2006

Hi Guys

I am about to returm my BT Home hub as I am dissapointed with it so I read this post with interest.

1-the netgear DG834G seems popular,especially V3 and Belkin is well know so maybe not much in it between the two?

2-What does "a bundled USB adapter" mean? I have my hub(router)connected to my desktop pc by ethernet cable and my laptop is wire-less intregated.

I use a wireless mouse with a doggle for my LT so ED-O is the doggle you refer to different.

And last, my Nokia mogile has Bluetooth and I have an ear piece, can this setup be of any use with LT

  Addie 13:03 10 Dec 2006

I have the 802.11g on my pc. Does this mean am I better sticking to the models of router that cater only for this, or will the MIMO or ADSL2+ give me improved performance? Would it be a waste of money paying for the faster speeds if the pc can't utilise them? Also, how many usb adaptor dongles will I need, one for the pc & one for the laptop - the Mesh computer had an aerial which came with it - will this act like the adaptor in picking up the signal so I only need to have the one extra usb adaptor for the laptop?

  CodeMeister 14:12 10 Dec 2006

You may be interested in the following article which appeared in The Times newspaper on November 20, 2006 regarding health problems and wireless networks.

click here

“I felt a steadily widening range of unpleasant effects whenever I was in the classroom,” he said. “First came a thick headache, then pains throughout the body, sudden flushes, pressure behind the eyes, sudden skin pains and burning sensations, along with bouts of nausea. Over the weekend, away from the classroom, I felt completely normal.”

  Dipso 16:57 10 Dec 2006

...and the screaming kids had nothing to do with it LOL! Better throw out my DECT phones, the wireless TV sender and the microwave too then.

gudda96 - If your laptop is wireless enabled you wouldn't need a wireless dongle. USB wireless adapter/wireless dongle = same thing but your mouse dongle is purely for your mouse and can't be utilised for this purpose. Same for the Bluetooth, it can't be used to connect to your router.

Addie - A lot of people don't realise that getting a faster wireless router doesn't make your internet connection faster, it is only the speed at which you can share files through your home network. If this is not important to you buying a 54Mbps router would be perfectly adequate. The newer technologies sometimes have better range but if you only want to reach PC's in your home, not at the end of a long garden for example, the older ones should be fine.

If your Mesh has an aerial then it sounds like it may already be wireless enabled. Check in Control Panel under Network connections to see if you can find a reference to wireless. If there is, you would only need either a USB adapter or a wireless laptop card if you have a spare PC card slot.

I would advise if at all possible to have one of your machines wired to the router just in case you ever have problems with the wireless.

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