Which Wireless Router?

  astra46 00:23 19 Dec 2010


Ive been using a Speedtouch USB modem for years, but been having problems with the connection dropping.
Pipex sent me an Ethernet Model but ive been unable to connect using this despite ringing their Tech Support line.

Which Wireless Router is good? I havent a clue, my pc is from 2001 so doesnt have built in wireless.


  Devil Fish 00:38 19 Dec 2010

router wise i would look at linksys or netegear wireless N if you shop around you should be able to pick up a router with wifi dongle included they are slightly more cost wise than say a belkin but in my opinion far superior

you didnt say how you connect but im assuming adsl
so make sure you get the correct router as their are types for adsl and types for cable

hope this is of some help D

  astra46 00:42 19 Dec 2010

I seen one on Amazon for 17 pound, is it a case of you get what you pay for? And if you pay more they are more reliable?

  onthelimit 09:36 19 Dec 2010

I've never had a problem with Speedtouch routers, and found them simplicity to set up. Perhaps the one you have is faulty. Ask for a replacement before spending money.

  astra46 13:03 19 Dec 2010

Do i need a driver disk?

  onthelimit 13:26 19 Dec 2010

Speedtouch do normally come with a CD, but should be easy to set up without.

  Poitier 14:22 19 Dec 2010

You need to set up an ethernet connection before you set up a wireless connection.It seems that wireless is just an unessesary complication for you.

  astra46 16:12 19 Dec 2010

This seems a good buy....

click here

  chub_tor 10:08 20 Dec 2010

The Play.com price is a good one for a device listed at £80 not too long ago. Take a look at the PC Advisor review click here on Septe,ber 14.

  Clapton is God 13:58 20 Dec 2010

Until recently I’d been using a single-channel Sagem USB modem with Tiscali. Because I now need to access my office files remotely from home (by VPN) I needed a multi-channel router.

So I called Tiscali explaining that I was still using their ‘ancient’ USB modem and a few days later a shiny new wireless router arrived in the post.

Like you, my PC doesn’t have wireless capability so I wandered along to my local Argos and bought this USB wireless dongle click here It was simple to install using the included CD and 10 minutes after that I was up and running with my new wireless router.

As a bonus I’m now averaging speeds of around 6.3 meg compared to 5.5 meg with the modem.

  chub_tor 19:20 23 Dec 2010

I took a look at the Sitecom link you posted and decided that it was a good buy at £23 including a wireless n adapter, so I bought it from Play.com. Arrived today and installed reasonably easily, I am very pleased with it and so far it is giving me a 2Mps improved sync speed over my old Netgear. Thanks for the link.

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