Which wireless router?

  Flopper 22:50 30 Aug 2006

I am in the market for a wireless router to attach, via an RJ45 cable, to my wired Netgear DG834 modem/router. I intend to use my Notebook to test this wireless network but I am torn between which model to buy. Some advise sticking to the same brand is best, if only for ease of setup so I am looking at the Netgear range (why do they have to make so many?).
Favourites so far are either the Netgear WGT624 108mbps or the Netgear WPN824 MIMO 108 mbps or possibly the Netgear DG834GT 108 mbps.
Does anybody have any experience of these, good or bad, as the reviews are all mixed.
Any info on the routers usually claim they can achieve the 108 mbps with the use of a certain type of PCMCIA card. My notebook claims to be Wi-Fi enabled but there is little info on what that means. Do I have to buy a PCMCIA card as well as the router or will there be a card pre-installed?

  Danoh 23:00 30 Aug 2006

Your notebook would be standard 54 Mbps (theoretical max) 802.11 g. So unless you get an add-on card which matches the 108 Mbps method utilised by a "go faster" wireless router, you will not get the much greater throughput.

So I think you ought to stick with plain old 54 Mbps 802.11g kit throughout, unless your environment demands greater signal coverage.

Also, my own experience of setting up a wireless router connected to a modem/router was much more convoluted then getting a single box modem/wireless router setup.
There is hardly any price differential between them anyway so if you're not confident, I'd go for a single box to replace your existing modem-non-wireless router.

Hope that helps a little.

  ade.h 23:22 30 Aug 2006

See my posts in two recent threads for recommendations based on what I prefer to use. click here and click here


Danoh - nice to have you back! You must be feeling a little unnacustomed to the British weather by now! :o)

  Danoh 02:49 31 Aug 2006

Thanks ade.h! Just about over the jet lag. What happened to all the 35 C temp I heard about!

  Flopper 11:21 31 Aug 2006

I am toying with the idea of buying a 'faster' wireless router so I have the option should I wish later to get the faster card and take full advantage of the faster throughput. Presumably if my notebook is 'pre set' to 54mbps I should still be able to boost it?
I will be reading through all the links later to get more info. Thanks for that.

  Danoh 16:35 31 Aug 2006

My pre-N MIMO Belkin router seems to give better and more reliable connections for my laptop with standard 802.11g's 54mbps wireless.

MIMO actual uses 802.11g, except that more pairs of send/receive signals are generated for the multi-paths.

If all your client machines are operating on the wireless 802.11g frequency, its also better to switch the router to run just on "g" rather then on "g" & "b" for example.

  Danoh 16:40 31 Aug 2006

Ohh.. Depends how much later you would get the faster card.
The new 802.11n standard is being finalised and new products will be out soon after that (2007 onwards). So if you can wait and just go with a cheaper (half the price) standard 802.11g product, then that would be advisable.

I had to have a minimum of 4 client computers being able to network wirelessly at greater then the effective 20/30 Mbps of a standard "54"Mbps 802.11g network.
If I did not, I would have saved quite a bit of cash, as well as not having proprietary kit which would probably not interoperate (plug and play) with future 802.11n gear.

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