Which wireless modem & router?

  David-235429 20:46 25 Jun 2005

Having bought a Medion wireless router/modem (advertised as one click set up which still hasn't worked despite a 45 minute call to the helpline who also gave up and said they'd e-mail me a copy of the help guide - which they didnt!! ) I'm taking it back to Aldi for a refund. Can anyone recommend any easy to use wireless router???

Many thanks

  Taff36 21:43 25 Jun 2005

Another thread click here How many computers do you want to link up or is it just the one you want on broadband?

  David-235429 21:52 25 Jun 2005

I have one main pc and a new laptop. I want to use my pipex broadband connection and set up a wireless network.

I'm tempted by the BT Voyager 2100

  woodchip 21:52 25 Jun 2005

I use a 3Com from click here

With Free Wireless Laptop card

  woodchip 21:53 25 Jun 2005

PS it as Built in Firewall and other features

  Taff36 21:57 25 Jun 2005

The one I recommended on the linked thread has a bundled wireless USB adapter. If you have a wireless enabled laptop you should go for that. Otherwise Woodchip`s one will do it but you may still need something for the other computer. (A wireless USB adapter or an internal wireless card.)

Either way there are plenty of people who can help you set them up on here!

  David-235429 22:03 25 Jun 2005

This is where I feel humble and silly.......but, and excuse my ignorance, does the Wireless router need to be physically connected to the main desktop pc? I had an ethernet lead connecting the Medion router to the main pc -is this right or should i have a wireless USB adaptor or wireless card installed in the main pc?


  woodchip 22:24 25 Jun 2005

Yes but it almost works out of the Box if you get it and have any probs just E-Mail me through the little yellow Envelope

  alltime 22:41 25 Jun 2005

I bought this one and cant say im very impressed, drops connections, only get a signal in direct line of site,more or less in the same room.
click here

  woodchip 22:45 25 Jun 2005

The one I posted will work 300ft away outside, through walls.

  Taff36 23:22 25 Jun 2005

It doesn`t need to be connected by cable as long as you have a wireless USB adapter although you can keep your ethernet cable connector providing the router has ethernet ports. (Which both Woodchips and my D-Link have)

Is your laptop already wireless enabled? And how far away do you intend to use it from the wireless router?

(300 ft is quite impressive Woodchip - The D-links I have installed have worked through two wooden floors and one solid brick wall - A neighbour two doors away can pick up my home router but I`m not sure what equpment he has on the receiving end which could make a difference)

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