Which Wireless Broadband Router should I buy?

  whitehc1 20:53 03 Jun 2005

I'm fairly new to broadband/wireless and currently just using the modem supplied by the broadband supplier. Can anyone please offer me some advice on what I should be buying to get myself wireless and able to use broadband across both my desktop and laptop (which are not networked at the moment)?

  dan11 21:18 03 Jun 2005

Has the laptop got WiFi, either built in or a pcmcia card. If not this is quite good. click here I have used two of these. The router has a built in adsl modem and comes with a "G" standard dongle for the laptop. Setup is easy.

If you order off the web for £61.86, you get the option to pick up from your local store. You do not have to pay for it, till you pick it up. Depending on ordering you could have upto 48 hours to pick it up.

  woodchip 21:25 03 Jun 2005

This is what I got with free Laptop Card click here
Works OK and good range

  dan11 21:38 03 Jun 2005

If you have WiFi capability for the laptop, another to consider is the belkin click here. This is full price at the store, but cheaper via the web.

Belkin give you excellent tech help via a freephone number to get you up and running. They are very good, I have used the service many times in the past and they always follow up to see if things are running smoothly.:-))

  Strawballs 22:09 03 Jun 2005

Is your connection cable or telephone socket it will make a difference as to which router you get

  whitehc1 22:20 03 Jun 2005

Laptop doesn't have wireless at present. BB is supplied via BT telephone line.
Thanks for links so far, I will investigate....

  peug417 23:41 03 Jun 2005

If you are considering a wirless router, I would advise caution on the D-link. A great product they may be but the instructions supplied and the online help is crap. I am advised by a friend that the netgear only requires your username and password and the setup wizard does it all for you. If you do opt for a D-Link i have overcome many problems in the setup process with the help of guys on this forum so would be well qualified to advise you. I'm not sure how to add links but if you type D-link into search you will see the postings

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