which wireless adapter for oldish laptop?

  dfghjkl 23:42 07 Feb 2007

hi i am considering getting broadband from sky up to 8mb(is this a mistake ?)i currently use ntl 4mb i have a laptop with usb1 so do i get a wireless pcmi card or usb adapter i need to know which will be quicker or doesnt it matter? any help appreciated thanks,peter.ps this is not my main pc i have 3 others for me and kids etc and as i already have cables running around the house i will keep these wired.

  Graham. 08:44 08 Feb 2007

PCMCIA wireless would be my choice. USB 1 is considered quite slow these days.

  dms05 09:10 08 Feb 2007

Just how old is the laptop? You may find that ir only supports 16 bit PCMCIA cards (as an old Toshiba of mine does). I'd go for PCMCIA over USB but be careful you buy the correct type. 32 bit cards are called Cardbus - look in Device Manager under PCMCIA Adaptors. The physical difference is 32 bit cards won't fit 16 bit sockets because 32 bit cards have a series of small bumps on them close to the connector end of the card (usually copper in colour). However 16 bit will fit into 32 bit sockets OK.

  GrumpyJ 10:05 08 Feb 2007

I've got an oldish laptop (approx 4-5 yrs old)
I have it networking with 2 other Desktops and 1 other new laptop. I'm also on aol. The old laptop has usb1 and I use a usb network adapter.
It is a little slow, but runs without problems be it networking or browsing the internet.
I use a netgear modem/router and netgear usb adapter
Hope this helps

  dfghjkl 21:53 08 Feb 2007

hi i guess it is 32 bit as i am using a pcmcia card for my lan rj45 connection from my router and i get good download speeds,(it has the copper bumps you mention,(8 of them))the laptop is a toshiba 1700 satellite,with a dvd drive 10gig 320mhz memory and it runs xp fine.

  kjrider 10:56 09 Feb 2007

PCMCIA or USB should be fine.My old IBM 333MHz CPU works OK with both on Win XP.

Have a llok on Ebay. 'Justdeals' has some good bargains sometimes.

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