Which Windows XP package shall I buy?

  Midsman2005 02:06 13 Aug 2005

Hello all,

Following on (yet again!) from my motherboard upgrade thread.

And realising that I need to shell out for another copy of Windows XP as I only have a recovery cd at the moment (gritting my teeth not to whine about it!).

Which Windows XP (home) package should I buy?

I have seen prices ranging from 70 quid to 150 quid and I am a little confused to say the least.

Obviously I need a Windows XP package that will enable me to totally format my hdd and install windows as a "clean" install on a hdd that already has Windows XP installed.

Any advice appreciated!


I am still fuming about this!...If I ever see Bill I will poke him in the eye.

  Forum Editor 08:09 13 Aug 2005

Format your drive, and start afresh.

  acfc 08:09 13 Aug 2005

I bought the OEM version when I renewed my hard drive as the minor licence restrictions did not concern me.

Try here click here

  User-312386 09:13 13 Aug 2005

If Midsman2005 buys an OEM then he has to purchase a qualifying peice of hardware and then XP is NOT transferable to another PC.

I would do as FE has said and buy a "Full Version" of XP home click here

  User-312386 09:17 13 Aug 2005
  PC Bilbo 09:27 13 Aug 2005

As Madboy says you will not be able to transfer OEM to a different machine but you can buy 2 copies of XP Home Ed OEM for less than Retail pack.

Question is how long you plan to keep current rig.I bought OEM as next machine will use 64 bit Processor and I will co for 64 bit XP once bugs and driver issues are more stable.

  acfc 11:08 13 Aug 2005


the link I included had bundles including 'qualifying hardware' for less than £60 (although how a mouse qualifies i don't know). As midsman has replaced his motherboard I see no problem even ethically with an OEM version.

  Pooke 11:21 13 Aug 2005

You'd be mad to risk buying XP on eBay. I didn't mind having OEM for this machine as my next move will be to 64bit.

  ACOLYTE 11:21 13 Aug 2005

I Brought the xp home upgrade disc,and to me it works just as good as the full xp home version and cost less £79,i think it was.You may though need another OS disk to verify the install but that OS doesnt have to be installed you just swap CD's when asked.

  Midsman2005 11:57 13 Aug 2005

Thanks for all that....all is a bit clearer now.

There is no way I am going to pay 180 quid thats for sure.

I will probably end up going down the Ebay route......Why pay £170 when I can pay £60 for exactly the same thing?

And if it turns out to be a bogey I can always just claim the money back from Paypal...but lets be honest, we all know these windows cd's on Ebay will work....otherwise nobody would buy them or leave positive feedback.

  ACOLYTE 12:05 13 Aug 2005

Its not i dont think that dont work its the fact they may be pirated copies of the software,and the cd key given(if any) may have been stolen and blocked by MS so the copy wont install.

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