Which Windows 7 32bit or 64

  prince midas 10:59 05 Jan 2011

I am thinking of buying a new computer.
But wether it is 32 bit or 64 is wether I can run
Office 2003 including microsoft access.I would also like to run outlook 2003.If not I may have to stop on Vista,replies appreciated.

  QuizMan 11:45 05 Jan 2011

Normally opt for 64 bit unless there is a reason not to. If you are going to have problems, it usually involves existing USB hardware. This is especially true if RAM is 4Gb or greater. Office and Outlook 2003 will be fine.

Run the upgrade advisor from here click here with your USB devices plugged in and switched on.

A lot of the information will be irrelevant as you are buying a new PC, but you will know what to expect regarding exisitng harware and software

  QuizMan 11:48 05 Jan 2011

Just re-read that post. The bit about RAM should be the 2nd sentence, not the 3rd. Sorry about that.

  Strawballs 12:06 05 Jan 2011

My new laptop is running win 7 home premium 64bit and as Quizman pointed out my copy of office 2003 installed and runs fine I have not as yet had a problem with usb but have not run much off of it as printer is network access off daughters win 7 32 bit desk top.

  bruno 12:19 05 Jan 2011

I went from Xp to 64bit Windows 7 and the troubles I had were webcam,scanner,printer and some of my wife's games. Apart from the webcam I got over the problems with the scanner and the printer by getting the latest drivers from makers sites. The games I managed to find versions on free downloads.

  lotvic 12:20 05 Jan 2011

Check on the list of software, Windows 7 Compatibility Centre click here

  prince midas 12:30 05 Jan 2011

Thanks guys but just a quick recap.
Are you sayiing that if I get more than 4 gig of ram I may get problems?

Also will Access 2003 run okay as this program is vital for me.

  john bunyan 12:38 05 Jan 2011

"Are you sayiing that if I get more than 4 gig of ram I may get problems?"
32 bit will not use extra RAM above 3, whereas 64 bit does. Therefore go for 64 bit unless you have vital hardware that has no drivers to update. Most software will run as 32 bit even on the 64 bit machine and will be found in C:/ Programme Files(x86) folder.Run the link provided by lotcic to check if Acess 2003 is compaible.

  ventanas 12:43 05 Jan 2011

The maximum amount of memory with the 32bit version is 4Gb, but it won't see all of it.
With 64bit you can install 16Gb.
These figures are for Home premium. With Professional versions you can install up to 192Gb.

All parts of office 2003 will run on 64bit without problem. In fact I have successfully installed many older programs without issue.
Just make sure you install as admin and use the compatability tab.
Also all existing USB devices installed without problem - 2 printers, tablet and three external drives. Make sure that you get 64bit drivers where necessary.

  ventanas 12:45 05 Jan 2011

Should have mentioned that memory may be limited by the maximum allowed by your motherboard.

  Burn-it 12:48 05 Jan 2011

Buying a New machine you should get Windows 7.
If the supplier does not give you an install disk, try to insist on one. All retail copies of Win7 have both 32bit and 64bit in the pack and I always suggest getting the proper install DVDs as is saves a lot of hassle with OEM versions. The main real difference is that with the retail versions the licence is yours and can be MOVED to a different machine. The OEM licence is strictly only for the first machine it was installed on so CANNOT be transferred later. Drivers should never be a problem except for OLD devices as mentioned but also including any other older add in device not just USB.
All new computers should be able to run 64bit Windows
As for whether you install 64 or 32 bit really depends on two things and you need to balance your requirements.
1) 64bit is required to support more than 4Gb memory( actually >3.5) and the vast majority of stuff will work fine with 4Gb. It is only the really heavy stuff that needs more (such as heavy video editing, lots of virtual machines, complex design work, and so on) The chances are that if you don't already know you need it then you probably won't.
64bit will NOT run older 8/16bit programs so you should seriously check whether you need to or can replace/upgrade them with 64bit or 32bit versions and that can be expensive and sometimes impossible
64bit MUST have 64bit drivers for ALL your hardware devices and older devices won't have them.
64bit will run all office suites since 2003(and possibly earlier, but not advised)

2) 32bit is limited to 3.5/4gb memory support (more won't stop it working but it will never use it)
32bit will run just about any software that will run under Windows XP/DOS providing it will run in a protected mode environment and is not specifically designed to run under 64bit.
32bit may still cause problems with drivers for old devices, but in nearly all cases Vista drivers will work and most XP drivers will or can be persuaded to.
32bit will run Office suites

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