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  menopaws1947 12:05 12 Aug 2010

Hi again, I bought a new laptop with WIndows 7 installed (no disc with it). As I couldn't play Big Fish games with it, instead of searching for answers I bought a Windows XP (£30??) and installed that. It is pretty much not a good disc lots of problems. Therefore I have decided to buy a new Windows disc from a reputable seller.
Only prob is can't make mind up which one, I really liked Xp but is Windows 7 better ??? Also I formatted drive to install XP did I permanently lose the Windows 7 that was pre installed on laptop. Would really appreciate any help.
Thanks Sue

  rdave13 12:09 12 Aug 2010

Depending on your laptop, if you made recovery discs, they might return the set-up back to factory settings.
You might not have deleted your hidden partition so have a look on your laptop manual how to restore from it.

  birdface 12:10 12 Aug 2010

You should have a sticker on the side of the laptop giving you the Microsoft keycode for W/7 just a matter of borrowing the same disc from a friend and adding your own keycode.

  menopaws1947 14:29 12 Aug 2010

Unfortunately I didn't make a recovery disc so probably have lost the Windows 7. It is a Samsung notepad and cannot find a sticker. As I am going to buy my own disc anyway which WIndows would you recommend out of Windows 7/ XP or even Vista !

  rdave13 14:59 12 Aug 2010

If you are going to by a Windows disc, regardless, then I recommend Win 7 Home Premium.
I can't understand why you couldn't play Big Fish games on the original Win 7 installation as they're not really graphic intensive.

  Jollyjohn 15:32 12 Aug 2010

Watch the screen carefully as the notepad boots up and there will be a message similar to "Press F2 for setup F4 for recovery"
Try the recovery option - it will reinstall W7.
It is unlikely you will get older versions of Windows running on a modern notepad - there will not be the drivers available for the hardware.
If you bought this new from a store there should be a Windows COA Sticker on the case somewhere - if not go back to the store and request one.

  menopaws1947 15:37 12 Aug 2010

HI rdave, yes was going to get a disc but just wondered if could get 7 now, until I buy the disc. When I put my problem, re Big Fish games, in search - it did say there were some problems with this and some long winded answer, so being a impatient senior I decided on putting XP back on.

I got this comp from a catalogue, but will search around and email Samsung maybe. Going to look again now.

Will buy WIndows 7 if you think is the best one

  menopaws1947 15:45 12 Aug 2010

OK have found COA on bottom will now try and re install the windows 7 from start up !

  Jollyjohn 16:31 12 Aug 2010

When you get W7 running again try running Big Fish games in compatability mode - may be best to start a new thread to get help to do this.

  QuizMan 16:39 12 Aug 2010

Big Fish Games run perfectly well on my W7 64-bit installation. It is the home premium version.

  QuizMan 16:41 12 Aug 2010

Just read Jollyjohn's comment. The games I have bought work fine without the need for compatibility mode.

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