Which webcam?

  Simsy 07:47 27 Mar 2008


Dad talsk to his brother, in USA, using skype. Brother has just got a webcam, and the principle has interested my dad, so he wants to get one...

It's his birthday in a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd get him one for his birthday pressie...

But I don't have a clue what to get! I've done a bit of reseach and realise that I need to consider the following;

Frame Rate
Lens material, (plastic or glass)
Camera processing power.

I think I'd like to get something "better" rather than just the cheapest I can, so I guess that means going for one with a 620x480 resolution, with a price premium.

Frame rate I imagine that there wont be a great deal of difference between 25 and 30 fps.

And I presume that glass lens rather than plastic will make a big difference, though at a cost.

His internet connection is good, constantly approx 5Mg down. I don't know what his up is, but my down, (with the same provider, PLUSNET), is constantly also about 5Mg, with a constant up speed of 384, so I guess his is about the same.

His PC is several years old, but runs well. It's an Athlone 1.2Gig with 512Mg of RAM.

So I'd welcome any advice, and suggestions/recommendations of what to get? Budget would be approx £25-£30, but I could go up a little. £40 is probably the absolute max.

Thanks in advance!



  anskyber 09:25 27 Mar 2008

I use Logitech and I am very pleased with the results.

Here are the choices (not saying you should get it from this link!) click here

  anskyber 09:26 27 Mar 2008

PS I have the pro 5000 and it will do all you need.

  Simsy 20:14 27 Mar 2008

but at the risk of appearing ungratefull I was hoping for more comments on the assessment of the features I should be looking for... (as well as a specific recommendation such as you gave, which I will consider carefully! Thanks.)

Anyone else care to throw any observations into the pile?



  Technotiger 21:34 27 Mar 2008

If you look again at anskyber's link, click on some of the cameras shown, then have a look at the numerous Owners Reviews, this should give you a much better idea of feature assessments.
A little knowledge goes a long way!

  Technotiger 21:38 27 Mar 2008

PS - I have very recently bought my son a Logitech Quickcam 4000Pro for his 4oth birthday, for use with Skype on his Mac. He lives in Lanzarote I am in UK. I had to search hard to find one, but eventually found one in the USofA which I bought.
Mostly excellent reviews from other users.

  Technotiger 21:47 27 Mar 2008

I forgot to mention that you should not think too much in Ordinary Camera terms - we are talking webcams here are we not. A very good webcam that would more than cover your requirements is the Quickcam 9000Pro - but this would be no good to your Dad as his PC is just not powerful enough. The 9000 needs at least a 2.8GHz CPU to fully enable all the cameras' capabilities. So your choice of webcam must also check-out its minimum PC requirements.

  clayton 00:09 28 Mar 2008

The Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 is a very good cam but out of your price range @ £44 from pc world, Argos sell the Creative Live Cam Optia for £19.99
click here

  woodchip 00:12 28 Mar 2008

As Logitech but make sure to get one with a mic built in. I have one but tend to use a Digital Camera as Web Cam

  Technotiger 07:41 28 Mar 2008

Hi, my point about the QC Pro9000 was only to point out to Simsy, that he should not think too much in terms of 'super-cam', and that he should also take into account the Minimum Specs aspect of the various webcam's - as I said the 9000Pro would not work on his Dads' PC, the PC Specs are too low.

  Technotiger 07:42 28 Mar 2008

or too High, whichever way one looks at it!

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