Which Web Creation Software? Help!

  skyegospel 15:20 19 Mar 2005

I need to build a small website for my Mum & Dad's new boat-trip business - nothing too elaborate. I have built sites before using Microsoft Publisher. This was very simple to do, but graphics always came out fuzzy on the internet. What software could I use (Less than £200) that is very simple? I have no knowledge of HTML. Is there something I can use just like Publisher (ie - put picture and text on and it converts it all to code) but that will keep pictures clear? Many thanks for help.

  skyegospel 20:38 19 Mar 2005

Thank you for that! I have always just been puting pictures in and have never really thought about the size. I'll give that a go on Publisher

  Tycho 18:42 20 Mar 2005

If you use MS office applications for producing web sites you may find that you have the same problem that I came across. I used to use Word and found two problems. 1. The code that was produced was incredibly bloated. 2. A friend using a Mac could not see the pages. 3. JPEGs did not render gradually as I would like. The page would seem to hand until all of the data for the graphic had been downloaded and then the picture would appear all at once.

I asked about and was told on the helproom forum (This one had not been set up then.) that EasyWebEditor was a possibility. I downlosded the trial and found it absolutley excellent. The version of EWE that I have is not quite the latest but among the features are: WYSIWIG, Edit on one file for the whole site (This feature is wonderful. You never have to bother about the dozens of files that you normally have to set up.) the uploading ftp client is intelligent and will only update altered pages. Google will find it. The SW house is Visual Vision and it cost me about £40 I think. You can download a trial version for nothing though, which is fully featured but puts an advertising flash on each page. the flash disappears when you buy, though so you don't need to rewrite any pages.

Hope this helps


  Tycho 18:45 20 Mar 2005

Typo in the first paragraph of my posting

...The page would seem to hang until...



PS The two sites that I have written using EWE are click here and click here

  Tycho 15:01 21 Mar 2005

EWE gives the coice. Frames or no frames.
BTW are frames a problem with any browser that is around now?


  pmorff 19:38 08 Apr 2005

Some of the PC magazines in the news agents at present have Namo webeditor4 for free.
I have used this and it is very similar to Frontpage but there are no manuals available.

Alternatively how about Frontpage express. This is free and easy to use.

If you are determined to pay for software you could buy the latest version of Namo web editor, I believe it is upto version 7 or 8 whih is cheaper than Frontpage.

If you buy Frontpage from 98 onwards there is a basic image editing and animated graphics software in the package.

I hope this is helpful.

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