Which Virus Checker? Comments?

  tigger2406 14:11 04 Jan 2003
  tigger2406 14:11 04 Jan 2003

As the free period on the PC-Cillin virus checker that came with my motherboard is reaching its end, I'm thinking I really should buy myself a proper one. So... which?

I'd be tempted by Norton, it seems pretty good, but there's the McAfee one, AVG, and probably others too. I had McAfee on a work computer before, and either the network was virused as gorblimey or it cried wolf a lot, is this normal?

I'd be considering also a package with AV & a proper firewall (replacing the freebie ZA). Is there any point in a 'bought' firewall given that I already feel that the freebie one is just from paranoia, and I'm not particularly worried about people trying to hack into me?

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

  Mac & Beth 14:20 04 Jan 2003

Keep ZoneAlarm and get Grisoft Anti Virus click here for FREE personal use. Highly recommended here!

  Joe McG 14:26 04 Jan 2003

tigger2406, it is a matter of personal taste. I have had norton running in the background for over 10 months now due to B/band, and have nothing but praise for it.

  muppetmark 14:30 04 Jan 2003

You could also try Gladiator antivirus as a Back up ON demand a/v scanner it is still in development, takes a bit of getting used to but they do have an active forum if you find yourself needing advice Gladiator forum and download page click here?

  Gaz 25 14:35 04 Jan 2003

AVG 6 is a must from Grisoft click here

  Bagsey 14:50 04 Jan 2003

You really cant go past AVG free from Grisoft

  Nickg 15:09 04 Jan 2003

There isn't a shortage of proper anti virus & firewalls for the home user. Nearly all are variants of commercial software packages that allow one copy for non profit home users :-

Anti virus :- AVG click here , Avast32 new version 4 now available click here , Antivir from click here

Firewalls :- Kerio click here , Sygate click here , Outpost free click here , Tiny 2 click here.

All well rated software

  Nickg 15:14 04 Jan 2003

Forgot to mention, all above are free.

  skeletal 17:27 04 Jan 2003

This question is like “which is the best computer?”!

I have been using Norton for ages, until I got a virus the other week. Unknown to me, I then emailed it to where I work, and the work’s anti-virus software, Sophos, “got it”. Much angst and discussion with the IT department later it emerged that Norton spotted all virus-infected files except the one contained in the email I sent out. Part of my tests were then to compare Norton and Sophos, There was no doubt, Sophos found the virus (in the email), Norton did not. Both found all other infected files.

The IT guys related a tale where a rep came in and handed them a floppy. The IT guys ran a check and found a virus. Norton, on the reps laptop did not find the virus.

Note that this does not mean that Norton is useless. What it does mean is that all virus checkers can miss things, under certain circumstances. See click here for more info.

Also note that I have all the latest signatures (the virus I got was fairly old).

I now use Sophos, but the big difference is that my work pays for it as it is expensive (£100 per year).

The final mystery is where I got the virus from in the first place as no files in my inbox were infected, only my outbox and I check all other sources before running. This is one mystery that will remain!

Finally, it is better to have something rather than nothing and the freebees for home use are hard to argue against. Just make sure you keep doing HD backups; you may be "got" when you least expect it!


  tigger2406 19:11 04 Jan 2003

I suppose it is a bit of a wide question! Sorry...

Think I'll just stick with a free one (from somewhere) then. After all, the one that gets you will be one that hasn't been spotted yet anyway I suppose... Thank you people

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