Which video capture card?

  Lee-262377 16:23 21 Nov 2005

I have an old VHS-C camcorder with the usual two connection wires i.e. yellow video and white audio (or is it the other way round?). Anyway, I would just like some advice on which video capture card would allow me to transfer the recordings from my analogue camcorder to the PC. I have looked through the posts and several cards have been mentioned more than once i.e. fly tv platinum card. I have no problem in connecting this to one of my spare pci slots or in the software as I have several video editing packages (just haven't got round to using them yet). The wife is getting on my back to transfer the tapes of our kids when they were younger onto DVD. I know I can do this through the adapter cassette and into a DVD recorder directly but this offers little in the way of editing unlike the software (I have ulead video studio 9 and video impression) Plus I have just bought Sky+ so extra expense will not go down well. I assume that the cards have the appropriate connectors to allow the video to be input through the card and the audio through the soundcard, however my soundcard is built into my mother board directly, will this pose a problem?

  rubella 19:20 21 Nov 2005
  Bagsey 21:02 21 Nov 2005

Have a look at the Dazzle Video creator. This will convert your analogue videos to digital so that you get better edited output. Check this site

click here

  NotsoNewuser 21:10 21 Nov 2005

I'm using an Asus Radeon 9600XT for my analogue camcorder taking into Ulead VS9. The sound is run via a separate cable to the mobo sound system. There will be a socket for this on the rear of you PC.
Only thing is the card is AGP and you only mention PCI. I don't know about the avaibility of PCI cards for this, but check the web sites.

  Cannuck 21:27 21 Nov 2005

I use the NQ6600 Analogue to Digital Movie Convertor from click here It is Product ID 135089. It did set me back about£50 to £60 if I remember, but it is far superior to Dazzle Video Creator, which I tried once and returned it. It comes with all the software and cables you need, but the best way to hook it up is through a composit scart, which they don't supply. (about £6.00)
They quality of the DVDs is the best I've seen for copies from tapes.

  Lee-262377 09:57 22 Nov 2005

Sorry I was a little unclear my motherboard is PC Chips M848ALU SKT A SIS 748 400 DDR AGP 8x ATA133 6Ch Sound/LAN/USB 2.0. I currently have an Ebuyer ATI Radeon 9200SE 64MB DDR DVI TV-Out Retail Box. I have 1.25GB of 3200 ram .
I had a look for the NQ6600 but haven't seen anything on ebuyer or amazon (even with the code).
I don't have a problem with the software as I have several programs that came with my mini DV and digital camera (that also doubles as camcorder) it's mainly the analoge and I need a card that will capture it. The original quality of the film is not fantastic so any enhancements that can be made via the card/software would be useful. I don't want to spend a fortune though I was hoping for around the £40 mark (or less)

  jbaker65 10:45 22 Nov 2005

I have been using an 'Avermedia DVD EZMaker Gold' PCI card for some time. It has done all I asked of it. Cost about £30. Incidentally I use it with uLead Video Studio 8 software. I found this to be easy to use with no problems. As with others the sound input goes to the 'line input' of your system sound. Also I have never had any sound sync problems with this set up.

  Lee-262377 12:38 02 Dec 2005

I had a good look around on ebuyer and settled for a cheap version first, the winfast VC100 XP, it works like a charm, no problem with video input. However, my motherboard has the realtek audio 97 codecs (I assume soundcard built in) and there are three audio ports on it, none of which will accept the white audio input socket as it's too small for the sockets. Can anyone tell me what I need to complete the input?

  bazb 13:45 02 Dec 2005

Have a look click here perhaps one of these adaptors could do it, but be carefull there's plenty of different sizes.

Good luck

  Lee-262377 16:22 07 Dec 2005

Went and bought a phono to 3.5mm adaptor and tried it out on both video and camcorder. The both worked, sound was in sync and everything, sweet!
If I get around to buying a better camcorder I might have to consider a better capture card but this does the biz for my current needs. And for £22 quid including card, software and adaptor who can complain!!
(ps apologies if someone tried to contact me directly, I never open unsolicited emails, got trojanned 12 months ago and learned my lesson, if you want to advise privately, do so publicly first avoids any unnecessaryness)
Thanks to everyone who has offered their advice youve been great as usual!! :o)

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