Which verdict on Windows 8 security

  fonkets 19:12 13 Sep 2013

Hi. I have read a 'Which' report that Win 8 security essentials is the best. Any opinion on this by you texperts would be appreciated.

I ask as I'm in the process of choosing a laptop and one of my choices comes with free McAfee for a year ........... why if Win 8 SE is so good? ....

Thanks for reading and even more so for a reply :)

  onthelimit1 22:59 13 Sep 2013

I've had no problems with the Windows Defender fitted to win 8 machines. Others will say use A, B or C. It's a matter of choice. Personally, I've never paid for AV and have had no more problems over the years than those who have forked out.

  hastelloy 18:20 14 Sep 2013

Why free McAfee for a year - the cynic in me says that it means you're more likely to keep paying for it in future and it's a pain to get rid of anyway!

  fonkets 20:20 14 Sep 2013

Thanks for the replies. I've been using Win 7 SE and superantispyware for two years without probs, maybe an adware or two.

onthelimit, you've reiforced my confidence, thanks.

I have heard that McAfee is a pain to remove, but I've opted for the laptop that doesn't have it pre-installed. Knowing my luck, it'll come with Norton etched on the hard disk!!!!

  wee eddie 09:34 16 Sep 2013

All AVs are a pain to remove, they have to be, or the first thing a Virus would do would be to disable the AV.

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